As far as necessary lemon myrtle from Australia In northern Australia Queensland to be more precise between Proserpine and the Great Barrier Reef lies the home of our lemon myrtle But not just the lemon myrtle we are obtaining In fact lem on myrtle always comes from Australia The lemon scented plant is endemic to the country and can only find exactly what it needs on this spot Some 1 2 million lemon myrtle trees chopped down to the size of small bushes are being cultivated by our farming partner Sometimes referred to as lemon ironwood you often see its Latin name backhousia citriodora It s a special plant which was named after the Quaker missionary and botanist James Backhouse in 1853 Of course native Australians had long been aware of the plant which they used for healing purposes and also as an aromatic herb For the rest of the world it had sunk into oblivion where it remained for a long time but since the 1990s it s become more and more popular and has also found its way into our teas and spices The lemon myrtle leaves have just about the most characteristically lemon flavour go ing They have the highest naturally occurring citral content over 90 Citral is the plant substance that makes a lemon taste like a lemon Even lemons only contain 3 to 5 citral lemongrass around 70 In the case of lemon myrtle the phrase as far as necessary may be taken to extremes but for endemic plants such as these there are no farmers in our own hemisphere as far as necessary This geographical set up is a law of nature and cannot be adjusted in a greenhouse in Lower Sax ony At any rate we make sure that mate tea isn t sent to us by plane but rather by ship Nevertheless we sometimes also have to source herbs and spices from further afield even though they could be grown here in Germany This is sim ply because not enough crop land is being culti vated in this country to meet local demand In or der to change things in future we support the Bio Boden cooperative to give just one example see page 107 Purchasing

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