Tea coffee and spices across the seas Earlier faster further the annual race to see who can offer their customers the first First Flush teas from Darjeeling is one compe tition we d prefer to sit out Firstly because we think that the out rageous consumption of resources required to transport the so called air freighted tea is not in keeping with our times Secondly we rate the trend towards flying in air freighted teas earlier and earlier as rather difficult from a quality point of view because they are picked too early the tea plants do not always have suf ficient time to develop their typically flowery Darjeeling flavour In many cases it s actually the second or third phase of plants to be plucked that is of a superior quality to the first Last but not least connoisseurs prize batches arriving by ship because unlike air freighted tea they have not been exposed to abrupt changes in temperature We therefore make a point of transporting tea as well as coffee and spices by ship It s then no great distance from the seaports of Hamburg and Bremen to our company site in Diepholz And this has the desirable result that there is no scrimping on quality and the transport induced consumption of resources shrinks to a small amount see page 128

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 104
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