It s nicer to stay on the ground As much as we prefer to purchase our raw materials as close as possible to our site it isn t always possible A wide range of raw materials come from Europe but even more come from countries further afield As happy as we are to have our raw materials shipped to us this isn t possible for our purchasers otherwise they would be spending many weeks to months at sea every year So in order to reach the farming partners located further afield the Lebensbaum purchasing experts have to get on a plane This means that they are using a mode of transport which gen erates large quantities of CO2 emissions In 2015 our flights caused a total of 23 3 tons of CO2 Natural ly we offset them all via Gold Standard certificates from Vi sionsWald see page 167 But why do we fly to our farming partners in the first place We re not just doing it for the fun of it We do it either because we already work very closely to gether and wish to exchange views with one another or be cause we re about to start working with a new business part ner then it goes without saying that you need to be on the spot That way each party can take stock of the situation and form their own impression of the situation on the ground This is part and parcel of our Lebensbaum Partner System see page 44f and is an important basis for Lebensbaum products of the finest organic quality

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 105
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