106 As near as possible Organic hops from Germany You need keen powers of observation and strong nerves The Friedrich family has been producing organic hops in northern Bavaria since 1981 Nowadays they supply customers all over the world breweries in Japan Canada and France all love the organic hops grown on their 34 hectare highly specialised farm The family cultivates up to 14 different varie ties such as Hersbrucker Smaragd and Hallertauer Tradition Growing organic hops is a diffi cult process Which is why you can count the hops farmers in Germany on two hands After converting their farm to organic agriculture the Friedrich s third harvest was a total failure We ve certainly paid our dues says Ms Friedrich Every year is different Whenever we thought things were working properly now then something else happened You need keen powers of observation and strong nerves Lebensbaum purchases hops flowers from the Friedrich family One hour after picking at the latest the flowers are gently dried in an oven at 40 degrees Celsius There s a good reason for the low heat The cooler drying tempera ture protects the more than 300 substances found in the plant As near as possible Black tea doesn t grow along the Moselle River nut meg isn t cultivated in Braunschweig and the Earth is not flat Even though we purchase items around the globe we believe in the principle of As close as pos sible as far as necessary That means that since the region around Lake Constance grows fabulous ap ples we purchase them there and not in New Zea land But mate tea has to come from South America It requires that region s prevailing constant temper atures on average between 20 and 23 degrees as well as medium to high levels of humidity And if the site is also between 400 and 800 metres above sea level it offers the ideal growing conditions for this caffeine containing plant 5 Quality has roots

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