Global purchasing of raw materials 18 1 29 0 1 12 5 5 5 34 7 0 1 based on weight status 2015 Prices for raw materials fluctuate wildly either because they are trad ed on the stock exchange such as coffee or simply due to the weather increasingly going haywire Farmers are directly exposed to the conse quences of these fluctuations For millions of people this amounts to a permanent risk So what our farming partners need are a long term ba sis for planning and for the largest possible quantities of their crops to be purchased What is fundamental when it comes to working togeth er are purchasing guarantees economically practical batch sizes ade quate prices and support for investment in to give one example irriga tion technology These kinds of measures are what create the structures needed to improve the situation in countries with insufficient environ mental and social standards in the long term and in a quantifiable way Here is a real life example for almost 20 years we have been import ing tea from India sent by our farming partner Ambootia Tea Group We have been selling the tea successfully in specialist organic shops in ever greater quantities over the years This works because we analyse the supply chain together and find out where there is room for improve ment which can help both partners We maintain an open book poli cy swopping ideas and comments We travel to India or receive guests from India And then we clarify the following questions what do you Fair partnerships What do you need What do we need How can we achieve this together 5 Quality has roots need What do we need How can we achieve this together Today close to 50 000 people working in tea gardens are reaping the benefits of this long term collaboration The tea pickers share in the profits and receive standard wages Staff and their families are given medical care There are community houses with an internet con nection The staff s children get a free prima ry school education in specially built schools Grants are offered to those pupils who wish to go on to secondary school And these are just a few of the advantages And here s a source of particular pride to us in the legendary Ambootia Tea Garden the chil dren attend the Lebensbaum School

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