103 Genuine economic sustainability comes from fair prices Trade must be fair so the prices need to be fair too I have never had to haggle over prices with Ulrich is how our long term partner Sanjay Bansal from Ambootia describes working with Lebensbaum The fact that we pay our tea coffee and spice farming partners a decent price for their work and vast well of knowledge isn t just about taking a moral stance We are also motivated by a sense of immediate self interest the kind of quality we re looking for is a rare commodity even in these times of global flows of goods So when we do happen upon a farming partner who thinks along the same lines as us when it comes to quality we want to stay with him her for many years to come This means we don t let a supplier go just because another supplier on the raw materi als market might charge less for once This applies as a general rule in the world that we pay decent prices for the things that make a differ ence in our lives by which I mean food So that the people who do this hard work don t just subsist on their pay but rather are able to live a life just like any consumer who buys the products would expect for themselves says Ulrich Walter about the Lebensbaum price philosophy After all economic common sense teaches us that wealth created by a community will only grow when its foundations are maintained through a sensible price policy farmers with secure livelihoods have the moti vation and the means to produce high end quality goods on a reliable basis This quality is a non negotiable for us and our customers right ly expect it Of course we don t always see eye to eye with all of our suppliers But then we all sit down around the table to find a solution together with which both sides are comfortable You can find a link to the film Faire Partnerschaft in German with the entire conversation between Sanjay Bansal and Ulrich Walter here Responsibility for the supply chain the Lebens baum Partner System The Lebensbaum Partner System safe guards and develops quality social and environmental standards along the en tire supply chain The system has won many awards for this For example in 2014 it received the German CSR Award The Partner System means we can meet the high demands we place on ourselves in matters of quality environmental pro tection and social affairs in everyday life Being one of our tools it is described in detail in chapter 3 see page 44f Purchasing Decent prices Our immediate self interest

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