104 The Ambootia Tea Garden has been supplying Lebens baum with teas for many years now In 2015 film maker Bertram Verhaag made a film about Ambootia Mr Verhaag why choose the Ambootia Tea Garden Because I had heard that productivity levels in tea coffee and cocoa growing regions had declined on a large scale Even conventional producers such as Lipton Ritter Sport or Starbucks have stated in their sustainability reports that the quality of the ground has become really bad They are not likely to be harvesting any raw materials in 20 years time if they carry on the way they have been doing And then you canvassed the run down regions armed with your camera No in my films I show people who demonstrate that there is another way of doing things That s why I trav elled to the Ambootia Tea Garden in Darjeeling What did you see there I met a man there Sanjay Bansal who buys ruined and run down tea gardens which were abandoned by their previous owners He had the same problem as every one else a decline in productivity and traced it back to an excessive use of chemicals He embarked on a search for alternative farming methods That s why he s making organic produce now even Demeter Even the Queen drinks Darjeeling teas from Ambootia Yes I was there to see them try a tea which was to be sent to Buckingham Palace That s the mag ic of Mr Bansal he makes really good teas He al ways puts his heart and soul into it A pot of tea with Bertram Verhaag Bertram Verhaag has been making big screen and TV documentaries for over 30 years relentlessly advocating for political environmental and social causes How does he do it What impressed me was how much he prizes the work of his female pickers They must be particularly talent ed to only select the right leaves at high speed Educa tion is also important to him Since the Indian schools fail to meet his expectations he has built his own schools for the children of his workers and pickers And then these well trained people leave the tea garden and head for the city Mr Bansal would no doubt be okay with that but there are still enough people in the villages who want to stay there Up to 6 000 people live in one tea garden They have a great quality of life there They have a village where everyone has their own little house with a small garden What s more it s entirely possible to climb the profession al ladder in the tea gardens to reach manager level 5 Quality has roots That s the magic of Mr Bansal He makes really good teas

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