105 Purchasing Phoenix rises from the ashes A new out of this world tea factory has been built over almost 4 000 square metres on the land of our partner Ambootia in Darjeeling India After the old tea factory was destroyed by fire CEO Sanjay Bansal saw an opportunity in the emergency The new tea factory was built in just six months and is larger and more modern than its predecessor having been constructed according to the latest technical standards However the decision was made to stay on the old site since the old factory meant so much to all involved It symbolised the tea gardens existence through ups and downs from their establishment in 1861 through colonial rule depleted soils and careless management to the present day under the organic man agement of the Ambootia Tea Group The new factory was inaugurated at the end of June 2015 with all staff members and many friends in attendance Hindu prayers were said and Buddhist songs were sung For Ulrich Walter one thing was clear there was no way he was going to miss out on this historic moment

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