It s better not to fly As much as we d like to source our raw materials as close as pos sible to our company that s not always possible Many raw ma terials come from other European countries but even more come from countries farther away And although we prefer to have our raw materials transported by ship this option is simply not fea sible for our purchasers who would have to spend several weeks or months of each year on the high seas In order to reach our more distant cultivation partners our Leb ensbaum purchasing experts have to board aeroplanes which means using a means of transport that generates large quanti ties of CO 2 emissions So why do we bother flying to see our cul tivation partners We don t do it for fun of course but because we already have a close working relationship and would like to keep sharing ideas Or because we ve recently established a new partnership and need to be there in person to take stock togeth er and form our own picture of the situation on the ground This is part of our Lebensbaum Partner System see p 44 f and an important factor in offering Lebensbaum products of the high est organic quality In 2018 our air travel generated a total of 66 9 tonnes of CO 2 This was a significant increase compared to the previous years but it was down to a very good reason We expanded our visits to our suppliers to further deepen our collaboration and dialogue It is our aim to work together to advance both quality and sustainabili ty issues and to master the growing challenges of organic farming Of course we completely offset the CO 2 emissions caused by our air travel through projects with our partners Ambootia see p 112 f and Sekem see p 110 f 109

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2019 Seite 111
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