112 5 Quality has roots Lebensbaum tea fields In Darjeeling near the city of Kurseong you ll find the Lebens baum tea fields on the Ambootia tea estate It s a particularly attractive part of the tea plantation that grows tea exclusively for Lebensbaum In this area near the border to Nepal the tea introduced by the English grows extremely well Warm days cool nights Seasons with periods of growth and dormancy These changes over the course of the year result in varieties you rarely find in any other tea growing areas first and second flushes monsoon teas autumn flushes and more This means that tea plucked from the same field at different times of the year tastes different depending on the season in spring it s often fresh and tangy with slightly rough edges like the bur geoning of nature In summer more well rounded and gen tler like warmth and sunlight The harvest time always leaves its mark on the teas Freshly harvested by hand the tea leaves are taken directly to the tea factory Here the first step is washing each leaf Then depending on whether they re destined to become black or green tea the leaves are allowed to ferment or dried almost immediately A captivating fragrance develops as the leaves wither on the well ventilated trays Finally after the leaves have been smelled turned and in spected many times the moment of truth arrives In the tast ing room with its view of the Lebensbaum tea fields the fresh tea is infused Will its taste live up to its fragrance It cer tainly does Today there are 14 tea gardens in Darjeeling operated by Am bootia And many of them produce Lebensbaum tea Because it would be boring if our eight different Darjeeling teas and the assorted blends always came from the same field on the same estate The different tea gardens each produce their own unique teas depending on their altitude and soil conditions and the amount of sunlight they receive Proving that the world does taste a little different everywhere you go

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