116 Without fail all of the raw materials we use are grown using organic farming principles So our suppliers think and act according to natural cycles There is practically no waste everything serves renewed fertility Nutri ent rich healthy soil is at the heart of this kind of informed land management Soil cultivated this way needs no external help in the form of chemical fertilisers and pesticides The resulting benefits for nature and people are lasting and wide ranging high quality food biodiversity in fields and meadows min imised nitrogen loss CO 2 storage through in creased humus levels the list goes on and on Taking sustainability through to its logical con clusion brings you inevitably to the principles of organic farming and the organic food in dustry And this does not only apply in Germa ny and Europe but above all it also serves as a model for local produc tion of healthy food by smallholders in Asian and African countries as well A growing number of organ ic farmers worldwide have recog nised this They have moved away from the cost intensive all inclusive packages of the large agricultural cor porations and are instead producing sta ble yields with composting healthy soil and adaptable ecosystems Consequently the German Council for Sustain able Development calls organic farming the gold standard of agricultural production The advisory body to the German government is thereby not only confirming scientific knowl edge but also the line of approach needed to develop farming with a future Organic farming everything serves renewed fertility 6 Nature and people

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 122
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