121 New techniques which can be used to change the genetic material of plants animals and micro organisms are being discussed What is this all about It is about whether or not these new techniques including CRISPR Cas9 for example should be considered genetic engineering Why is that so crucial There are major benefits for industry if these techniques are labelled normal cultivation rather than genetic engineer ing Then they would not have to perform a risk assessment on plants developed using these They could be quick ly marketed and specific labelling would not be required You are criticising this Yes because scientists supported by some German au thorities unfortunately maintain that the techniques are very precise and you would not even realise there had been any genetic manipulation in the end so this is not genetic engineering Other scientists backed up by ear ly legal opinion take a completely different view be cause what matters under EU GMO legislation is wheth er genetic engineering was used not whether it can ultimately be proven A policy decision will eventual ly be made and then it may end up before the courts Does the public know what CRISPR and the like involve Unfortunately this important topic does not figure at all on the radar of most consumers or even producers in the organic sector And when science journalists report on it they mostly focus on the admittedly thoroughly impres sive technical aspects Or it is presented as a futuristic dream like combating serious hereditary diseases in peo ple But the research still has a long way to go There is talk of drought resistance in farming But actually once again it s frequently about making plants immune to her bicides Just like conventional genetic engineering A cup of tea with Daniel Hertwig Long time editor of Infodienst Gentechnik likes his coffee black but not his outlook Lebensbaum No GMOs Our raw materials are 100 GMO free this is a must for organic produce In other areas it is much more difficult when you are committed like we are to systematically ruling out GMOs That is why we sometimes come up against self imposed restrictions when looking for al ternative packaging options Of course we could have long used composta ble film made from polylactides PLA for our packaging But this material is based on starch predominantly produced from genetical ly modified maize which is out of the ques tion for us Since late 2011 we have been using cellu lose based material for the film around our tea boxes It is compostable free of genetically ma nipulated raw materials and it meets all of the criteria we set for our folding boxes in terms of protecting flavours In some cases the film even protects flavours better than its conven tional predecessor based on mineral oil We have not switched over all forms of packag ing yet We are taking a gradual approach be cause no matter what the environmental con siderations are packaging should above all reliably protect our product Our intention to eliminate all use of genetic en gineering even affects our desks compostable GMO free ball pens are just the start in this re spect And finding those was easier said than done The drinking cups for our water dispens ers are not sourced without thought either nor our rubbish bags Education and raising awareness also play a key role when it comes to a complex issue like genetic engineering That is why we support the Informationsdienst Gen technik Genetic engineering information ser vice which provides information on the use of GMOs in agriculture from a critical perspec tive We also support the Bantam campaign an yone with a garden farm or balcony is invit ed to plant propagate swap and disseminate open pollinating traditional maize from Ban tam There is a simple logic behind this cam paign no genetically modified maize can be planted within 300 metres of where Bantam maize is grown You can add your own location to a Golden Bantam Map online resulting in a map of Germany showing all GMO free cul tivation sites Nature

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