125 Cycle to work Good for your shape your health and the environment all great reasons to leave the car at home more often and get up on your bike instead We have signed up to the Cy cle to Work campaign of AOK health insurance to moti vate even the least enthusiastic cyclist to make a change at least for the summer Additionally every kilometre travelled within the three month period is converted into tea coffee and spices and disbursed The person that cycles most often or travels the farthest enjoys glory and a meal in the Lebensbaum bistro You have to remember that houses and villages are quite far apart from each other in our rural area Even just cycling one way may mean a commute of two kilometres for some or more than 20 for others Our top cyclist with the longest route has now switched to a pedelec In the 2013 competition 29 cyclists pedalled an impres sive 15 485 km in total 30 cyclists got involved in sum mer 2014 travelling 12 103 km In 2015 25 employees covered a distance of 10 301 km within the three month campaign period Compared to commuting by car this de livered an equivalent CO 2 saving of around 2 49 tonnes The Lebensbaum staff bicycle scheme We love to take the underground train or tram when travelling on business trips It s differ ent when it comes to the daily commute The public transportation system in the countryside is sparsely developed If you miss the last bus at 6 22 pm to Rehden eight kilo metres away you have to wait until 5 15 am for the next one You have to be ready to go at 3 30 pm at the latest for the six kilometre trip to Aschen Oh yes and there s another three kilometres to travel be tween the bus stop and the company So people carpool where possible or even better cycle The Lebensbaum staff bicycle scheme helps employees purchase a new bike at significantly reduced prices They look for a model of their choice in lo cal bike shops Lebensbaum takes on the lease payments withholding a small portion of their salary for this As this is all subject to favourable taxation this is cheaper overall than buying a bike directly The Lebensbaum staff bicycle scheme contributes to both environmental protection and employee health Nature

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