126 6 Nature and people Putting your best foot print forward Emissions into the atmosphere are one of the key environmental impacts associated with our business activities Everything we do leaves a carbon footprint That is why it matters to us to keep this as small as possible and also com pensate for it in the end We are committed to running a climate friendly business And not just since Paris or Kyoto We avoid emissions wherever we can We contin uously invest in this such as through our own geothermal energy system a particularly ener gy efficient coffee roaster see page 50 and a photovoltaic system see page 122 We offset emissions that cannot be avoided and which arise through our own energy consump tion Scopes 1 and 2 or are incurred by our specialists We have already made great pro gress with tea from Darjeeling see page 128 our printed material is carbon neutral our let ters and parcels are sent in an environmental ly friendly way and little by little we are also trying to compensate for other raw materials and services Since 2015 we have been using the PRO car bon calculator to calculate emission values that can be collated in a standardised manner This ensures our calculations are in line with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol GHG for short We are supported by Soil More International in calculating emissions requiring very specific data and emission factors such as in relation to our packaging materials The emission factors for these nor mally come from Defra 2012 the guideline produced by the UK Depart ment for Environment Food Rural Affairs or the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC for short Carbon offsetting Not all greenhouse gases are avoidable When they are caused by our actions however we compensate for them But what does that actually mean Carbon offsetting involves calculating the precise amount of greenhouse gases generated from a particular work step transport route or energy expenditure and then saving this elsewhere by supporting climate friendly pro jects These projects come about through the sale of what are known as offset certificates and are carefully moni tored These could be reforestation projects for example As greenhouse gases are distributed all around the world via the atmosphere it doesn t matter where the respective project is based A centralised registry ensures that only the amount of off sets generated by a project is actually sold Different stand ards apply to the various offset certificates We use the most rigorous certificates currently available known as Gold Standard certificates to offset our emissions In the case of emissions arising from our business activi ties we offset these with Gold Standard certificates from the VisionsWald project see page 167 in Costa Rica We then use Gold Standard certificates from the LifeStraw project in Kenya to compensate for our printed material Boiling water on high emission log fires is avoided there through the distribution of drinking water filters Addition ally the project also promotes access to clean drinking wa ter which helps lower child mortality rates for example

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