130 We ve got mobility If you live in a rural area and want to get from A to B you have to go by car Even when you try to live sustainably your op tions are pretty limited Most electric cars have too short a range to fully replace petrol powered vehicles And electric cars are drawing criticism some of which seems justified They are after all no more than heavy conventional cars kit ted out with batteries Vehicles weighing 1 000 to 2 000 ki los are made to transport just 100 to 200 passenger kilos if there are ever that many people in the car Despite some progress batteries also remain problematic There is much room for improvement from energy efficiency to carbon neutral production to better recyclability And then there s the question of electricity When drivers use green energy to charge their cars then all is well and good But a high percentage of the energy that supplies most pub lic charging stations and households in Germany comes from burning coal Which means that driving an electric car can po tentially produce more CO 2 than driving with petrol 6 Nature and people However you do have to start somewhere If there isn t enough interest in a new technology for instance not enough buyers for electric cars then manufacturers will have no in centive to invest in research and development We want to actively support those who take the leap and buy an electric car So in partnership with our local municipal util ity there is now a charging station for e vehicles installed on our premises in Diepholz The charging station is freely availa ble for public use on weekdays from 6 a m until at least 9 p m Just drive up park and silently recharge your electric vehicle with 100 carbon neutral green energy Naturally By 2020 we expect to have a charging station in Gronau too We wouldn t be Lebensbaum if we weren t constantly evolv ing The first electric car to join our fleet came in the summer of 2015 In Diepholz we now have two and a half electric cars half because one is a hybrid car that runs on both elec tricity and petrol And in Gronau we will soon have at least one electric car

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