127 Nature Who or what are scopes The Greenhouse Gas Protocol the international standard for cal culating greenhouse gas emissions divides a company s emis sions into various scopes It differentiates between whether or not emissions arise directly in the company in other words to what extent they are directly attributable to the company Scope 1 Greenhouse gas emissions generated directly by the company e g through gas combustion for heating or petrol for the company s fleet Scope 2 Emissions which arise from generating energy purchased by the company In other words emissions that are not gener ated at the company s premises but are produced pretty much on behalf of the company because it needs the energy Scope 3 All other emissions associated with company activities These include for example business trips and the cultivation harvesting and drying of raw materials In addition to the direct emissions shown in the graphic another 3 728 tonnes of CO2e of emissions arose in our value chain in 2015 The biggest items were packaging emissions 2 304 tonnes of CO2e transport logistics emissions 1 030 tonnes of CO2e and staff mobility emissions 314 tonnes of CO2e Our raw materials themselves make a positive contribution i e through good soil work and CO2 storage in the plants more greenhouse gases are stored than emitted Scope Emission source 2013 emissions 2014 emissions 2015 emissions 1 Natural gas 641 459 504 1 Fleet 125 107 115 2 Green energy 1244 1351 1312 1 One time effect refrigerant loss following leak 0 80 0 Total emissions Scopes 1 2 2010 1997 1931 3 External standard electricity 52 104 96 3 External natural gas 11 19 25 3 External crude oil 39 50 24 Total emissions Scopes 1 2 and external production service providers 2112 2170 2076 CO2 savings through carbon neutral green energy 1157 1254 1219 CO2 offsetting with Gold Standard certificates 830 809 857 Result following offsetting 125 107 0 Carbon footprint in CO2e tonnes CO2 equivalents The famous or should that be infa mous carbon dioxide better known by its chemical formula CO2 is not the only gas that contributes to global warming Other accomplices such as methane and nitrous oxide also play their part in the greenhouse effect To ensure consistent comparability the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC has established a com mon denominator the carbon diox ide equivalent or CO2e for short e for equivalent This allows the effect of a certain gas in the atmosphere to be con sidered in relation to that of CO2

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