132 Downsize your footprint sion factors for instance in relation to our packaging materials Soil More International essentially used GEMIS 4 95 software to make calculations based on emission factors defined in the Defra 2018 guideline In late 2018 we invested in software to calculate and compare the environmental and climate impacts of packaging and packaging components In future we will also apply this software in product development By striving to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible we are do ing our part to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 Climate Action CO 2 offsetting Not all greenhouse gas emissions are avoidable When they are caused by our actions however we offset them But what does that mean exactly CO 2 offsetting involves calculating the precise amount of green house gases generated by a particular work activity transport route or use of energy and then compensating for that amount by equivalently supporting climate friendly projects Such pro jects are made possible through the sale of climate certificates and are closely monitored Some are reforestation projects for example Since greenhouse gases get distributed in the atmos phere all around the world it doesn t matter where a supported project is located A central registry ensures that only the amount of offsets ac tually generated by a project is sold Since 2016 we have offset our unavoidable CO 2 emissions by buying certificates from our long standing partners Sekem and Ambootia whose innovative cultivation practices remove CO 2 from the atmosphere and per manently bind it in the soil in the form of carbon That way we ensure that the emissions caused by our activities are directly offset in our own supply chain and at the same time we promote Demeter agriculture in Egypt and India Our printed materials are offset with Gold Standard certificates These support projects such as one in Mali which makes and dis tributes efficient cookers The cookers require less fuel generate fewer CO 2 emissions during cooking help conserve local forests and promote local trades 6 Nature and people Air emissions are one of the main environmen tal impacts caused by our business activities Everything we do leaves a carbon footprint It s important to us to reduce that footprint as much as possible and offset the remainder We are committed to running our business in a cli mate friendly manner and not just since the Paris Agreement or the Kyoto Protocol We avoid emissions at every opportunity and continually invest in appropriate technology such as our own geothermal energy system an especially ener gy efficient coffee roaster see p 50 f and a pho tovoltaic system We offset all unavoidable emissions generated by our energy consumption Scopes 1 and 2 or the travels of our specialists Our printed mate rials are carbon neutral and we use a green ship ping programme to send letters and parcels Lit tle by little we are reducing and offsetting the CO 2 generated by other raw materials and servic es For instance as of 2019 all dishes served in our organic bistro see p 160 f are carbon neu tral And the cultivation methods used to grow our tea in Darjeeling and Assam bind more CO 2 equivalents CO 2 e see p 135 in the soil than are generated during the entire tea production pro cess see p 133 In 2015 we began using the TÜV verified PRO CO 2 calculator to calculate emissions values from data that can be collected in a standardized manner This ensures that our calculations are in line with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Proto col Until recently we were supported by Soil More International in making emissions calcula tions that require very specific data and emis

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