129 Green printing To us being environmentally conscious means more than just turning a critical eye towards internal processes Work steps involving us having to get other companies on board have an impact too And we do not ignore that Ideas on how to do things that bit better are found time and again with the right partners and especially through long term cooperation One of these partners is our tried and trusted local print ing firm Rießelmann We have been working together since 1997 We have learned a lot from each other since then and have often spurred each other on We are now print ing green In other words in a particularly eco friendly manner The paper used is up to 99 9 pure recycled paper boast ing a Blue Angel label and FSC certification The remaining 0 1 is special paper for postcards and presentation fold ers There has not been any good recycled paper solution for these to date However the latest developments in paper give us real hope that we will be able to get to the full 100 in 2016 already Of course we only ever use paper from re sponsible certified sources as well for the few products not completely based on recycled paper yet All of our print jobs are fully carbon neutral the printing firm itself runs completely on green energy and has been able to generally lower energy consumption e g through a new ventilation system We also use Gold Standard certifi cates to offset all of our print jobs As printing plates are made from aluminium which requires lots of energy to produce they are reused for reprints wher ever possible The plates we only need once are recycled We have been printing without any mineral oils since 2013 It took almost a year to switch over to resource saving inks With a printing firm that is open to any sustainable idea we were not surprised either in 2014 when we learned that even their new printing machine was produced in a carbon neu tral manner It is also much more energy efficient than its predecessor And still achieves excellent printing results We are really excited to see what else we can achieve togeth er in the area of printing Nature

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