135 Nature Additional Scope 3 emissions generated in our value chain Changed from previously reported figures because we did not receive data from some service providers such as Deutsche Bahn German Rail and our electricity supplier before the end of the year necessitating a retroactive adjustment of estimated figures We now also include the emissions generated by travel between our location and external service providers retroactively starting from 2016 Source of emission Emissions in 2016 t CO2e Emissions in 2017 t CO2e Emissions in 2018 t CO2e Use of packaging materials 2 084 2 279 2 681 Transport logistics 1 092 660 748 Employee transportation 329 311 366 Other factors 144 105 133 Total 3 649 3 355 3 928 What are scopes The Greenhouse Gas Protocol the international standard for calculating greenhouse gas emissions categorises a company s emissions into three groups or scopes These differentiate between emissions that are directly generated by the company and those that are indirectly attributable to the company in various ways Scope 1 Greenhouse gas emissions generated directly by the compa ny e g by heating with gas or using petrol powered company cars Scope 2 Emissions generated from the production of energy pur chased by the company While these emissions were not generated at the company s location they resulted from the company s energy consumption Scope 3 All other emissions associated with the company s activi ties for instance business trips and the cultivation harvesting and drying of raw materials CO 2 equivalents Carbon dioxide better known as CO 2 may be the most notorious green house gas but it isn t the only one causing global warming There are other culprits such as methane and nitrous oxide To facilitate compari son the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC developed a standard unit of measurement the carbon dioxide equivalent or CO 2 e for short It converts amounts of oth er gases to the equivalent amount of CO 2 with the same global warming potential

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