131 Nature No power needed The environment aside we mainly write to be read Tem ple University in Philadelphia discovered that readers find it much easier to take in content on paper rather than on a screen Readers take more time with printed material and value it more There are also more possibilities with paper you can high light your favourite sections fold down the corners cut out nice articles or simply keep the entire booklet This can take up a bit of room on the shelf but you get to keep it forever without consuming any power Magazines can be shared lent and given away all without using up any electrici ty as well That is why we very consciously do not offer our Sustain ability Report customer magazine or product list as PDFs for download As a compromise we make the Sustaina bility Report available to be read digitally On average the printed version of a document is always more eco friend ly than the digital one if it will take more than 30 minutes to read it That is why we would be pleased to send you a copy of the report And we shouldn t forget that paper is great for drawing on as well Have a go here

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