10 1 Prologue From A to Core We have oriented our report on the Global Reporting Initiative GRI for short for a second time now This organisation took on the task of helping companies produce sustainability reports almost 20 years ago Using the internationally recognised GRI guidelines also ensures a high degree of comparability across reports Since our last report some things have changed for us and the GRI as well While our last report was still based on the G3 version applicable at the time the GRI s new G4 Standard is now in place The way in which application levels are differentiated is also new The last time there were levels C to A depending on the scope of reporting There are now only two options with G4 Core or Comprehensive While we chose the extensive A variant for the last report we have opted for the Core option for this one You might ask does this mean that it is less informative than an A report Not at all This form of reporting is the best option for us As an SME of our size many of the requirements from the Comprehensive level do not apply to us at all Conversely we can focus better on the issues and data that really matter in a Core report This way we don t leave anything out but don t get bogged down in the insignificant minutiae either

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