12 Sarah Wiener Chef author member of the European Parliament I love to drink tea and coffee too Nothing enlivens the spirit like the morning ritual of making a wonderful hot breakfast cuppa I grind the coffee myself flavour it with cardamom and drink it with a spot of hay milk When making tea I watch it infuse while warming my hands on the cup I drink a lot of tea of different kinds herbal fruit green black and white Each variety tastes distinctively differ ent Tea and coffee are indispensable beverages and not only to me That s why their quality distri bution storage and cultivation are so important And that s exactly why I ve felt a connection to Leb ensbaum for years I know the company not only from the outside as a customer but also from the inside from my visits I very much look forward to the next sustainability report But what does that really mean I get asked this question all the time What exactly is sustainability Managing a company sustainably mainly means managing it in a way that makes sense to think ahead for the sake of people animals and plants for generations to come The aim is not to make a fast profit but rather to enjoy long term commer cial success by thinking and acting in a responsible manner This entails regularly scrutinising your own work and being clear about where you currently stand What can you be proud of and what could you do even better In this spirit I expect the sustainability report to take stock to celebrate positive aspects and also to point out where there is room for improvement A company can only do what its employees do so I look forward to reading about the people behind the company both those here in Germany as well as international partners I will naturally be enjoying a cuppa while I read Without a doubt our own expectations for this report were very high from the outset But we didn t write it for ourselves What do other readers expect of our sustainability report We decided to ask a few people ahead of publication What you expect of us 1 Prologue

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