6 Nature and people 138 Without exception all of the raw materials we use are cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture This means that our suppli ers think and act in harmony with the cycles of Nature There is practically no waste everything fosters fertility Nutrient rich healthy soil is at the heart of this informed kind of land man agement Those who till their soil organical ly have no need of external help in the form of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides This has long lasting and wide ranging benefits for Na ture and people high quality food biodiversity in fields and meadows minimal nitrogen loss and CO 2 binding through increased humus lev els to name just a few The concept of sustainability is manifest in the principles and practices of organic farming and food production That s only eco logical So what does organic farming involve This bene ficial form of agriculture is multidimensional Seed and overall biodiversity are two im portant aspects Direct seeding also known as zero tilling and agro forestry are both practiced Then there is composting and crop rota tion Many organic practices are based on traditional methods and knowledge that developed long be fore there were any agribusinesses Soil is the foundation of organic ag riculture Added compost and manure keep the soil rich in nutrients permeable and porous preventing wild sandstorms from sweeping across the motorways of Mecklen burg a rural state with large holdings in east ern Germany In non organic farming frequent and deep ploughing is performed to break and invert the soil a practice which has no place in organic agriculture Nowadays organic farmers do the exact opposite Direct seeding or mulch sowing also known as zero tilling or no till ing in the trade journals is a method of raising field crops without ploughing before sowing In organic agriculture the soil is only lightly worked Organic farming does a world of good

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