134 What is your association with Diepholz Moor During an excursion I was able to see for myself the impact your company is having in Diepholz Moor the filling of drainage ditches the creation of shal low stretches of water teeming with life at the edge of the dried moorland the water retention I am re ally impressed Lebensbaum identifies with its moor and parts of the moorland are starting to grow again Many people find moors a bit eerie Why do you care about these landscapes I grew up on a farm and there was a moorland mead ow right behind our house I was fascinated by it from early on As a young adult I then experienced the moors large scale destruction which I consider a vi olation of nature To me moors are wonderful land scapes with a very special charm However they are a whole lot more from a scientific and ecological per spective they are an extremely important habitat for highly specialised animals and plants They evapo rate water and are therefore very important cool ing zones which are acquiring an ever greater signif icance in the face of climate change And moors are an important form of CO2 storage around the world What is the situation with moors both worldwide and here in Germany Moors take up just 3 of the earth s surface But wheth er in Europe the USA Canada China or South East Asia the moors are almost all destroyed In Germany not even 10 are intact enough to build up or main tain peat anymore The reason this matters so much is because around 30 of the carbon dioxide formed over the last 10 000 years is stored in this 3 of land area 6 Nature and people A pot of tea with Prof Michael Succow Biologist agronomist and moorland high priest Moorworlds European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate ECCMC Wagenfeld The Moorworlds a competence centre unique in Europe dealing with moorlands climate and cranes is proof that experience based tourism and science go well together Lebensbaum provides substantial support to the Moorworlds In our last report the Moorworlds European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate ECCMC was just an idea and now it is reality Since being opened by Lower Saxony s Environment Minister Stefan Wen zel on 17 October 2014 more than 20 000 people have visited the moor centre as of 5 2016 These have included classes of schoolchildren who have found out about the links between moorland and climate protection but also crane watchers from all over Europe The lower Diepholz moorland is now Europe s second largest crane resting area The Moorworlds has since successfully established itself in the national and international research land scape For example research is currently ongoing there on how to reduce the release of greenhouse gases from drained moorland which accounts for 12 of overall emissions in Lower Saxony While searching for replacements for peat for pot ting soil and ways of agriculturally cultivating wet moorland paludiculture a fruitful cooperation has also arisen with various companies involved in the soil substrate and compost sectors Further in formation can be found at www moorwelten de about us Photo Reinald Schröder

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