136 6 Nature and people Setting priorities key environmental aspects When we manufacture products there is always some kind of impact on the environ ment The footprint left may be bigger or smaller ideally it might actually be positive rather than negative see page 126ff It is important not to lose sight of when where and how our own actions have an effect The term environmental aspects is often used in the sustainability world as a catch all for these impacts on the environment We consider our materiality assessment see page U3f as the initial starting point for evaluating these environmental aspects But evaluating environmental aspects goes beyond our materiality assessment We go into even further detail taking into consider ation the EMAS and ISO 14001 requirements Among other things this means that we have systematically considered our processes and value chains for both sites starting from each site itself and working outwards It was important to us to establish such a holistic view as it means the evaluation of the environmental aspects is embedded in a comprehensive contextual consideration which also takes risk factors into account Direct or indirect We generally differentiate between direct and indirect environmental aspects Direct environmental aspects relate directly to one or both Lebensbaum sites such as our energy consumption or even the waste we create at our sites Such direct aspects are assigned to the Environment area of activity in the material ity assessment Indirect environmental aspects relate to value chains outside of our own sites Such aspects include our suppliers energy consumption while cultivating raw materials or even producing packaging material Indirect environmental aspects can cover various areas of activity so not just the Environment Of a total of 32 identified environmental aspects 17 are direct and 15 indirect The tables show which of these are particularly important

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