137 Nature Key direct environmental aspects Strategic objective We do not want to simply minimise our en vironmental impact but make a positive contribution to the environment How By generating our own renewable en ergy Through organic farming and our high proportion of association goods see page 88 And through our Lebensbaum Partner System with which we also influ ence other quality environmental and so cial standards or encourage their implemen tation where we actually have no direct in fluence Namely in value chains beyond our sites see page 44f and 102f Environmental aspect Diepholz site Gronau site Waste originating on site A1 A1 Use of packaging material A1 A1 Energy consumption A1 B1 Gas consumption B1 A2 Emissions into the atmosphere A2 A2 Key indirect environmental aspects We have summarised the environmental aspects of soil A1 biodiversity A1 air climate A1 local water supplies A1 and consumption of fossil resources A2 in the supply chain which are each key indirect environmental aspects under the aspect Environmental performance and effects harvesting and on site processing of raw materials Environmental aspect Diepholz site Gronau site Safety and naturalness of our products A1 A1 Environmental performance and effects harvest ing and on site processing of raw materials A1 A1 Energy consumption and climate effect through product preparation by the consumer A3 A3 From A to C and 1 to 3 A straightforward spectrum is used to evaluate the signifi cance of individual environmental aspects This goes from A very important to C of little relevance The scale from 1 easy to influence to 3 difficult to influence shows how much influence we have on the re spective environmental aspect Accordingly aspects rated A1 and A2 are prioritised as im portant environmental aspects They are considered in our corporate group s environment policy guidelines and pro cesses monitored using appropriate indicators and com prehensively addressed in the areas of activity mentioned in this report

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 143
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