139 People An introduction to Corporate citizenship Companies must pursue expansion profit and growth If they fail to follow this stringent logic they will succumb to their competitors and be shown the door by the invisible hand of the market But economic reality does not always square with these oft cited constraints Time and again we come across real life companies which depart from the nar row logic of maximum profit Sometimes they make prod ucts that are unashamedly long lasting Sometimes they re main in their region of origin even though it would be a lot cheaper to produce elsewhere Sometimes they put a great deal of money into the arts culture and the environment and the public does not always necessarily hear about it This approach is called corporate citizenship or corporate social responsibility Such expressions are seldom used by Ger man SMEs but there is a long tradition of social responsibil ity stretching back to the Fugger family in the Middle Ages We have not felt the need to choose between morals and competition or ethics and business success in our compa ny s more than 35 years either Of course profitability is fundamental to our medium sized company But there is so much more on top of this We endeavour to promote or ganic farming high social and environmental standards in the supply chain and green technology in the area of pro duction We advocate for high quality food in associations and political forums Last but not least we feel a connec tion to the region we call home as a regional customer a sponsor of local initiatives and importantly as a company that creates rural jobs 10 20 30 40 50 Lebensbaum employee numbers 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 149 2010 100 12 37 UW BLX PTG NH UW BLX PTG NH UW BLX PTG NH UW BLX PTG NH UW BLX PTG NHUW BLX PTG NH 161 2011 110 13 38 169 2012 119 13 37 181 2013 116 15 37 13 184 2014 120 15 36 13 207 2015 133 14 42 18 Employees Ulrich Walter GmbH BioLogX Pure Taste Group Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei UW BLX PTG NH

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