140 We are the Lower Saxons steadfast and at one with the earth this is how Her mann Grote described the people of Lower Saxony in a song which he wrote in the 1920s Some of the things he wrote are considered controversial today though certainly not the loyalty we Lower Saxons demonstrate towards our own clod of earth or our defiance in the face of obstacles and not just those present ed by the weather This can clearly be seen at our base in the old county town of Diepholz even if not every single employee is a born and bred Lower Saxon anymore This is where we come from where we have grown where we have been supported Why should we leave and turn our back on our companions Besides everything else this would mean a painful loss of local jobs We know we could make life a lot easier for ourselves if we were located in any number of other places For example when it comes to hiring new staff Many people are drawn by the big cities or their affluent suburbs We are blessed in other perhaps less obvious ways So our search for the right employee may take a bit longer now and then but anyone who decides to join us sometimes even coming from far away for this is serious about being here with us And that matters No one who applies to work here could be blinded by the bright lights of the big city But they can marvel at the starry skies in the complete darkness of evening when their work is done And locals and visitors alike know that our skies are not only majestic at night but also boast other impressive sights such as huge flocks of cranes flying over our heads twice a year to land in nearby fields After work in the summer there is of ten still enough time to paddle along our town s little streams and lakes or simply relax in a rowboat at sunset But when the time for leisure is over we are ready for everyday life wheth er that be nursery or school the tech nical university or the library And anyone who moves here from southern Germany is often surprised at how affordable it is to rent buy and build houses here in flat Lower Saxo ny not just a paradise for country bumpkins 6 Nature and people DIEPHOLZ Steadfast and at one with the earth or life on the German plains

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 146
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