141 People Gronau with its some 46 000 inhabitants is located in the Münsterland region North Rhine Westphalia right on the border with the Nether lands The village of Glanerbrug is located between the medium sized town of Gronau and the city of Enschede seamlessly linking both Our Gronau based employees value the close links with the selection of culinary delights from both sides of the border playing its part in this Münsterländer Töttchen ragout and Struwen yeast pancakes meet Frikandel meat snack and Poffertjes fluffy pancakes Anyone looking to burn off some calories afterwards need go no fur ther than the some 4 500 kilometres of cycle tracks in the Münster land region And many of these lead through around and to Gronau You can hop on your bike and go bathing at Lake Driland or visit the Zwillbrocker Venn nature reserve located 30 kilometres away where you can relax and watch Europe s most northerly flamingo colony from March until late into the summer If the calls of the flamingos are not musical enough for you there are a number of opportunities to listen to other sounds as well including Jazzfest Gronau and the local rock festival Music plays a big role here throughout the year thanks to among others the town s famous son Udo Lindenberg Rock musician and composer The town of Gronau has honoured him with a statue on one of its many roundabouts How ever it is much more interesting to visit the rock n popmuseum set up on the initiative of Udo Lindenberg and opened in 2004 with the man himself in attendance Culture is highly valued in Gronau and is much more varied than you might expect from a town of its size due to the German Dutch cultural cooperation with Enschede Of course it s not all leisure time our employees children can access all established types of schools many with after school care as well Anyone wishing to continue their education while working can avail of options at Gronau s adult education and family education centres Once the children have grown up many of them are drawn to study in nearby Münster or over the border in Enschede at the University of Twente GRONAU Between coffee beans and flamingos

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