142 It s good to party Of course we sometimes like to have fun while at work as well Especially when the Easter Bunny hides chocolate eggs around the Diepholz company every night in the week lead ing up to Easter And when there is a little gift for all em ployees on St Nicholas day And for birthdays employees receive a staff purchasing scheme voucher while milestone birthdays and long service anniversaries are recognised with a bouquet of flowers in their favourite colour We don t have to twist people s arms much at Lebensbaum when it comes to socialising outside of working hours Twice a year we invite staff to come together to party The first is the annual summer party a barbecue with all the trappings The other is a big highlight of the Lebensbaum year with the excitement starting to build among everyone It all began in the late seventies with an organic grocery store From this evolved a company that produces tea and spices and has coffee roasted to order We added our own logistics company in 2007 and then adopted our coffee roasting house in 2011 The quartet was complete when we founded our own management company in 2013 We are now four siblings with three of us based in Diepholz and one in Gronau And as happens with siblings we do some things together but not everything This means we do not necessarily all celebrate the same festivals And there are other differences as well Our break times are different for example And we also still have different holiday entitlements As children within a family are normally treated equally we are bound to converge in many areas in the years to come but the character of each location will be maintained from September onwards the Christmas party The new Leb ensbaum employees who have only joined that particular year pro vide superb entertainment at this Un der the direction of our in house amateur playwright they stage a programme of entertainment that doesn t leave a dry eye in the house Naturally there is food and drink at our Lebensbaum par ties as well all of it organic of course The dancing that follows is of a more conventional variety however Translated from Low German He who does his work day by day and always keeps watch over his post and does this gladly and happily deserves to have some fun every now and then Wer Dag för Dag sien Arbeit deit und jümmer op sien Posten steiht und deit dat froh und deit dat gern de kann sick ok mol amüseern It s hard to get a Westphalian to crack a smile The new family This may be true of some Westphalians but means nothing to those of us at Niehoffs Kaffeerösterei in Gronau Maybe because we see ourselves more as true citizens of Münster land rather than Westphalia We certainly like to laugh here long and loud Especially twice a year In the summer our staff go on a traditional Pättkestour a cycling trip on the beautiful Pättken the term for cy cle paths and tracks typically used in the Münsterland No matter which route is taken we always end up on our bikes back at the roasting house where we round off our day with a relaxed barbecue We go celebrating again when winter comes but without our bikes this time It s all about the Christmas party And that means great food and drink and having a good old chinwag with colleagues Later on we take to the dance floor as well The compa ny s own Father Christmas also brings every employee a gift for the party a good sign that they must have been good all year round 6 Nature and people

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