144 6 Nature and people The search for food At the edge of a small town like Diepholz the search for food at lunchtime is little easier than in hunter gatherer times Vast industrial estates must be roamed on the lookout for a ham roll a fresh salad or even an appealing lunch menu This is where our organic bistro comes to the rescue Meat is on the menu once a week and the same goes for fish We do not have just one meat free day a week three days a week we get along fine without meat or fish The selection ranges from vegetable pasta bake to baked potatoes with bell pepper sauerkraut There is always salad available If somebody is a vegan vegan food is cooked for them The same applies to any employee with an intolerance e g to gluten or lactose All meals are prepared freshly and carefully in our own kitchen The ingredients are 100 organic And yes sometimes we do serve the famous curried sausage in our canteen The sausage comes from a Demeter farm nearby And the curry blend from our own company of course Professor Ritter how does our food taste here The food is fresh and varied and has a special touch to it Also it is served up nicely So the overall sensory quality is very good The how and where is also very posi tive at Lebensbaum the atmosphere in the bistro is very appealing The room is bright and sufficiently big and the furnishings are inviting It has what you need for a relaxed enjoyable meal together with colleagues How important is it to eat healthily during the working day It used to be that canteen food was just meant to fill you up But a lot has changed since then Employers know this doesn t cut it anymore Excessive calorie intake is viewed negatively nowadays for example The food should keep employees fit and healthy to do their jobs But employees have higher standards now as well They also prefer healthy food and for there to be a certain level of choice So healthy food consumed in a pleas ant environment is important to employee health and happiness Ultimately it s about recharging your batter ies during the break and clearing your head so that you can get back to doing good work again afterwards Besides the quality of the food the dining culture also seems to be important Yes definitely Eating at work is an important part of our dining culture For many people everything is still just to go This is a Stone Age approach with peo ple eating quickly wherever they find something Many people have regressed to that stage again Howev er the dining culture is important and must be nurtured

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