145 People The dining culture in a company directly reflects how em ployees are valued This starts right from when the food is served Is it slapped on the plate without a word Do the person serving and the recipient acknowledge one another The mutual appreciation of all involved is im portant The place where the food is eaten also matters When you have seen inside a few staff canteens like I have you learn to separate the wheat from the chaff What do you mean by that Nowadays it is unfortunately the case that companies often seem to optimise lots of things mainly machines and work processes but neglect to consider people when it comes to the food or places to eat Many think that the dining culture is just a soft criterion for an employee when it comes to job satisfaction However it becomes an important factor when you consider that an employ ee will experience this dining culture each and every day How important is it to eat together with others People are programmed to want to eat together and communicate Eating alone is almost physically uncom fortable That is also why people who eat alone of ten read or watch television etc at the same time They want to distract themselves from their solitude We cook fresh 100 organic produce every day Do you think this has advantages over meals that are delivered Catering and fresh food both can be of a high stand ard But freshly cooked food like you have at Lebens baum is definitely better when it comes to accommo dating individual wishes or requirements such as gluten free vegetarian or vegan food Cooking everything fresh also means you avoid having to keep food warm for long which can reduce the quali ty of catered food So anyone looking for truly high quality and individuality has to go for fresh cooking We have one meat and one fish day a week at Lebensbaum Does that sound right The German Nutrition Society DGE recommends one to two portions of fish a week so Lebensbaum is spot on in that respect According to the DGE s general recommendations meat consumption should be reduced as meat is not needed for healthy nu trition However you have to pick the right substi tutes to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients you need such as iron I consider Lebensbaum to be very much in the vanguard here when it comes to a balanced range of meal options and vegetarian food You offer good and sensible alternatives to meat And then there s dessert Is dessert important from a nutritional perspective Dessert rounds off a meal it is a tasty pleas urable conclusion to the meal It is not required from a purely nutritional science perspective but we associate a lot of positives with sweet things This is how we are genetically programmed and that s why a dessert is the icing on the cake A pot of tea with Prof Guido Ritter Expert in nutrition and culinary pleasure at Münster University of Applied Sciences

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