146 There isn t one Rather the workspace layouts at Lebensbaum vary greatly depending on the activity The HR office needs walls that afford privacy as discretion is a key element of daily business there It s a different story in Marketing where expressive types toss around creative ideas like a child in a ball pit Too many partitions would hinder this there The new Sales office required top level input because it needed to be a true all round er an area for intimate face to face conversations an area for large meetings and an area for working away on your own Company founder Ulrich Walter joined with New York interior architect Barbara Samuel to design a bright spacious office that could accommodate these conflicting requirements In addition to the many win dows each work station can also be illuminated with a floor lamp accord ing to individual preferences Acoustic elements between work stations create intimacy Extra noise absorbers have been integrated into the cabinet doors and ceilings heightening the overall sense of quiet ness in the room The red lounge corner is a good place to retire for intimate face to face discussions There are stools at every desk for when a quick chat is needed The offices for employees with manage ment roles are self contained to allow for confidential discus sions But big windows ensure that the employees on each side can see one another All office furniture meets the highest er gonomic standards Across the board we ensure that materials and office furniture are purchased from companies with environ mental and sustainability management systems in place making them a good fit for Lebensbaum 6 Nature and people The office

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 152
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