147 People Ms Samuel why did Lebensbaum have a New York interior architect design its new Sales office Anyone familiar with the exceptional Lebensbaum brand can grasp immediately that this is no place for a dreary insipid table and shelving layout That is why Barbara Samuel Design was called in What were the key factors for you The design concept is based on sustainability and visual innovation I was inspired by the nat ural properties of the Diepholz landscape the numerous nature reserves hundreds of water bodies and a wide variety of pastures and foliage How can landscape be incorporated into an office By using the three components of colour texture and mood The textures for example are based on natural elements This can be seen in the panelling for the desks which is made from used wooden board Would a simple desk not do as well at work My intention with each piece of furniture and every material selected was to inspire good teamwork while also displaying maximum quality Through the selected colours textures and lighting condi tions achieved using decorative lighting specifical ly adapted to the circadian rhythm we have cre ated a harmonious but also inspiring space Barbara Samuel New York troubleshooter with a design studio in Berlin A cup of tea with

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