151 Unplugged All environmental concerns aside we write in order to be read Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have found that readers absorb more content when reading from paper than when reading from a screen People take more time with printed versions and they value them more Paper can also be experienced better You can mark favourite passages make dog ears on the pages cut out good articles or keep the whole publication It may take up a little space on your shelf but you can have it forever and it won t consume any electricity Magazines can be shared lent or given away without using any electricity We purposely don t offer our sustainability reports customer magazines or even product lists as downloadable PDFs As a compromise we do make it possible to read our sustainabili ty report in a digital format Generally speaking if something takes more than 30 minutes to read the printed version will always be more eco friendly than the digital one We d be glad to send you a copy of this report And finally you can draw and colour beautifully on paper Go ahead and try it out on these pages Nature

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