148 The Lebensbaum apprenticeship initiative You could complain about the oft cited shortage of skilled labour or set about tackling it We already opted long ago for the latter Our solution is to offer apprenticeships which we have been doing for more than 20 years We started with wholesale and retail salespeople and ware house operators Today it s industrial management assis tants and warehouse logistics specialists Other apprentice ship occupations have been added over time First there came food technology specialists and machinery and equip ment operators and since 2015 we have also added a chef apprenticeship With our rapid strong growth and the merger with Nie hoffs Kaffeerösterei we have not been able to consistently achieve the goal we set ourselves of keep ing our apprenticeship rate above 10 Our apprenticeship rate at Lebensbaum in Diepholz is still considerably higher than av erage coming in at 12 5 in 2013 10 8 in 2014 and 9 7 in 2015 Even taking both locations together our rate of 7 4 is still well above the average which was 5 5 for small and medium sized en terprises in Germany in 2014 We can cater for 15 to 20 apprentic es at a time in Diepholz Besides the famed open ear poli cy and fundamental transfer of knowledge regarding work steps and contexts we also provide regular lessons which alternate fortnightly with product knowledge training Is sues pertaining to Lebensbaum are dealt with during the lessons from internal processes through to the question of what sustainability is In product knowledge training the apprentices explore our product range and deepen their knowledge of raw materials and how they are cultivated and harvested This programme of lessons is complemented by outings during which the apprentices get to learn about other companies see page 149 Our motto is provide the kind of training needed to form the employees you would wish for Our apprentices often stay on with us Some move on maybe to undertake a study course see a bit of the world or try out another company Besides apprenticeships we now offer course related in ternships on an ongoing basis in six different areas of the company as well There is also the option of mentoring for academic theses and combined vocational training with a business degree following an appren ticeship If our young employees who have already completed an apprenticeship wish to enhance specific skills by undertaking further training while working we are happy to support them in this 6 Nature and people Chamber of Commerce and Industry CCI award 2013 and 2014 were successful years for our ap prentices and also ourselves as a company that trains apprentices in each year one of our in dustrial management assistant apprentices con cluded their apprenticeship with the overall re sult very good finishing top in their year At the same time we were recognised for our outstanding achievements in apprenticeship training by the Oldenburg Chamber of Com merce and Industry in the Apprenticeship train ing quality and achievements category

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