149 People Apprentice outings By the time our apprentices finish their training they should have learned everything there is to know about our compa ny and the field in which they have chosen to work How ever they should also be familiar with the big wide organic world beyond Lebensbaum That is why we usually round up our apprentices twice a year and take them on a trip through Germany to learn about other organic companies wholesal ers and processors While visiting manufacturers we look at production operations which differ considerably from our own At wholesalers and in organic grocery stores we see what happens to our products once they leave our company These can be one day excursions but sometimes depending on the distance we also include an overnight stay and take in two firms on the one outing and there is also a little cul ture on the side We have helped out at a workshop for people with disabilities and visited Uelzen s Hundertwasser railway station where only organic food is served in the station restaurant We have experienced the daily routine at an organic wholesaler found out how juice is made and coffee roasted and observed how cereal grains are transformed into delicious biscuits All the while learning the kinds of things going on in the other com panies Of course the apprentices get the chance to enjoy free time together on our excursions as well This is all part of such Lebens baum class outings

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