150 WirFürUns apprentice project Lebensbaum s WirFürUns By Us For Us staff magazine comes out four times a year in Diepholz It is always eagerly awaited with great interest by all employees as it looks at all of the important events surrounding the company It includes reports each year on the summer and Christmas parties the apprentice outings any par ticular changes in the company new employees special awards and many other things Since spring 2015 the apprentices have been in charge of writing and designing the magazine with assistance from the Corporate Communications department Regular editorial meetings are held to select a chief editor per edition discuss the individual topics for the magazine and dis tribute these topics among the apprentices The tasks for the ap prentices include producing a print template at the end for sub mission to the printing firm The jobs involved in creating the magazine are divided up according to the apprentices departments Topics requiring a great deal of writing and research for example are often handled by the aspiring industrial man agement assistants as they have regular access to computers due to the nature of their work However if there are innovations in the warehouse or production apprentices training to be come warehouse logistics or food safety specialists report on these The apprentices also have to submit the written copy and images to the chief editor before the speci fied deadline S he is responsible for the overall magazine and makes sure that all of the written copy is available The apprentices take turns designing and doing the layout of the magazine The staff magazine is a good way for the apprentices to take on responsibility and familiarise them selves with the company Marcel Pargmann in training to become a warehouse logistics special ist during the reporting period wrote this piece in his role as a member of the staff magazine editorial team 6 Nature and people

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