151 Employee survey When a company is growing as rapidly as ours you have to be careful not to lose sight of its most im portant element the staff After all only motivated employees who understand the company can in dependently act in Lebensbaum s interests And what is the best way to find out how employees feel and their attitudes towards the company By asking them Or even better if you want honest answers by having them surveyed With this in mind in late 2013 management commissioned the imug research institute to undertake a detailed anonymous employee survey for Diepholz Somewhat unusual for a company of our size Howev er with so many new employees having joined us in recent years it was essential to see if we were all pulling together 104 employees were surveyed leaving out only the interns apprentices and very new members of staff All others could fill out the detailed multi page questionnaire by hand or on line It covered aspects such as workplace design and atmosphere and how well employees feel in formed about the company The participation rate was very high at 89 We uncovered a few minor aspects which we were also able to immediately tweak to meet employee wishes and needs Overall however there was no urgent need for action anywhere the survey con ducted by the external institute showed that employee satisfaction is already very high at Lebensbaum As it takes a lot of time and money to conduct such a detailed employee survey this is not something we can repeat every year But hopefully every three years Works council please Lebensbaum had more than 60 employees at the start of the 2000s and the num bers were rising Management and employees sat down and mutually decided that it was time to set up a works council to create a useful additional port of call for staff with workplace concerns This was an unusual step for a company of its size but a thoroughly foresighted one when you consider how our company has now grown Cooperation between the works council and management at the Diepholz site has been unfailingly constructive since then The works council and management adopted a social policy in 2012 This states among other things that all employees are entitled to join a union It also empha sises once again that diverse talents opinions religions genders and backgrounds are the basis for our success Equal treatment is a fundamental requirement for cre ativity and innovation in our company Since 2013 young employees up to 18 years of age and apprentices up to 25 years of age have also had a dedicated direct point of contact the representation of young workers and apprentices Our representatives for young workers and apprentices are either still in the apprenticeship stage themselves or have already qualified but they may not be older than 25 They look after our young talent together with our works council New representatives are elected every two years by the aforementioned young workers and apprentices And notwithstanding the works council the same thing holds today as it did before for apprentices and all other employees management is always willing to listen and help its employees with any issues they may have People

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