152 Going the extra mile to take care of staff Pension scheme We have been offering our employees the oppor tunity to participate in a company pension plan with the Hamburger Pensionskasse pension fund since 2013 Diepholz and 2014 Gronau The company supports any employee wishing to join the company pension plan to the tune of 300 eu ros a year All employees can also pay into the pension fund via deferred compensation Impressive sounding programmes often termed work life balance concepts are frequently part and parcel of corpo rate social responsibility in large companies These seem like a lot of effort and often are particularly when it comes to drafting the concepts themselves But what are they all about They are about ensuring employees feel well that they are supported during difficult times and that concern for their welfare does not simply start and end with the pro vision of a job We are a medium sized company with around 200 employ ees in two locations And we are rather pragmatic by na ture in a typically northern German way It does not suit us or our company s size to formulate a large elaborate pro gramme detailing employee satisfaction measures and fam 6 Nature and people ily friendly policies We would prefer to invest the resourc es this would swallow up into solving problems And time and again we find that lots of the things included by the big players in their concepts are already just routine here with us An employee s wife breaks her foot and there is a young child at home Of course we immediately find a temporary home office solution And that is just one example There is a long list of individual solutions Apart from caring for de pendants as in the case of the employee mentioned a solu tion already implemented several times down through the years these solutions also include giving employees time off for community involvement such as the voluntary fire ser vice and the works council which staff can use to submit complaints anonymously We can comfortably hold our own with the big players We provide training and offer develop ment options to our employees both work related and in the form of in house language classes in Diepholz In particular cases we can accommodate people working from home where this is possible and compatible with working life at the company The same applies to sabbaticals for example Such options can work out well for the respective employees but should not impose a burden on their colleagues in our eyes It would be of little help if accommodating one indi vidual means others having to pick up the slack

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