156 Time for celebrations In Diepholz too people like to have fun at work Especially when the Easter Bunny hides chocolate eggs around the com pany premises every night of the week before Easter And on St Nicholas Day every employee receives a small present On their birthdays employees receive a gift certificate for the staff purchasing scheme for milestone birthdays and service anniversaries a bouquet of flowers in their favourite colour When it comes to socialising outside working hours at Leb ensbaum no one has to be asked twice Or rather it is exactly twice First there s our annual summer barbeque with all the trappings And second the highlight of the Lebensbaum year which we all start looking forward to as early as September our Christmas party It all started in the late seventies with an organic shop The shop grew into a company that produced tea and spices and also had coffee roasted by another firm In 2007 we added our own logistics company followed by the adoption of our coffee roastery in 2011 With the founding of our management company in 2013 the family was complete Of the four members of our family three are based in Diepholz and one in Gronau And as is often the case in families we do some things together but not everything Which means that we don t necessarily celebrate every milestone together And there are other differen ces as well We have different break times for example And we have a different number of days off although that will be a thing of the past come 2019 Since it s best to treat all the children in the family equally we will certainly harmonise our policies in other areas in the coming years but the special character of each location will be preserved Any new employees who joined Lebensbaum over the course of that year provide the entertainment Under the direction of our in house amateur playwright they stage a programme that doesn t leave a dry eye in the house There is always plen ty to eat and drink at our Lebensbaum celebrations all of it organic of course But the dancing that rounds off the evening is usually fairly conventional Translation from the Low German Those who work day for day and always stays at their post and do so happily and in good spirits deserve to have some fun sometimes Wer Dag för Dag sien Arbeit deit und jümmer op sien Posten steiht und deit dat froh und deit dat gern de kann sick ok mol amüseern Why so serious The family Although people in North Rhine Westphalia have a reputa tion for being phlegmatic our Gronau staff at Niehoffs Kaf feerösterei definitely don t fit that mould They know how to laugh long and loud Especially on two special occasions each year In summer our staff look forward to our tradition al Pättkestour event Named for the word for bike paths in the local dialect it s a fun day out exploring the beautiful cycling routes of the region No matter which path is select ed that year the employees and their bikes always end up back at the company in the evening for a relaxed barbeque And when winter comes it s time for some more fun this time without bicycles It s the annual Christmas party which means good food and drink and plenty of time to socialise with colleagues or even take to the dancefloor later in the evening The company s own Father Christmas used to bring each employee a present But since 2018 he has given up visiting the company and instead gives gifts in the name of our workforce in Gronau to projects for children in need 6 Nature and people

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