153 Hablas Español A special kind of pilot project launched in Die pholz in January 2015 ten employees met with María Lebensbaum s first language teacher It s not so easy to learn a language out here on the German plains apart from the rather sparse offerings of adult education centres in rural re gions An employee approached the management in autumn 2014 asking whether there might be a solution And one was quickly found The lan guage teacher was working at a nearby university and Lebensbaum said it was willing to cover the costs The company also provided a room and a photocopier The participants only had to buy the textbook Then the in house language training pilot project could begin Lots were drawn for the ten places available and since then Spanish les sons have been held on Wednesdays at 5pm The trial phase will last until January 2017 pre cisely two years A decision will then be taken on what will happen with the Spanish lessons after that and whether other language courses might be offered along the same lines There have already been initial requests for English and French And how do things currently stand Not all of the original ten language students have remained They have been replaced by others with some pre vious or rusty knowledge Hablo Español We have granted employees both short term bridging loans and longer term loans We accommodate individual work ers food intolerances in our bistro in Diepholz offering them a full range of meals at no additional cost We do not have a relaxation room but instead a beauti ful garden with terrace where you can pause to catch your breath We do not have a gym But we do not need one ei ther given the inviting walk on offer via the scenic path leading to the moor just behind our building An option availed of by many employees after their lunch And if that is not enough exercise you can also get a Lebensbaum staff bicycle through the company And although we generally employ people full time we also frequently provide individually structured part time arrange ments of between ten and 35 working hours a week Some of these last for longer periods such as for childcare rea sons and some are even permanent arrangements There is always a good reason for these So employees returning af ter a period of parental leave can be eased back into work And twice a year we party in style that also balances things out We know every single one of our employees engage in constant dialogue and have an open ear policy regarding everything That s better than any chief culture officer People

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