12 Dr Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein Organic farmer and Chairman of the German Association of Organic Farmers Food Processors and Traders BÖLW 1 Prologue Any economic operator who feels obliged to work in a sustainable manner and achieve sustaina bility has to take action on two fronts inwardly because all economic activity uses or influences resources which have to be regenerated or are even finite A company must improve its resource efficiency accordingly so that nothing which future generations rely on is irretrievably consumed or harmed However this is not enough in and of itself as the policy framework conditions gov erning economic competition are a vital factor in resource consumption Taking responsibility also means engaging in politics and exerting influence Companies such as Lebensbaum that cre ate lots of jobs and economic strength in rural areas have the heft needed to tackle both aspects successfully With this heft having been brought to bear in political debate for decades this has greatly contributed to the success of the organic movement Unquestionably our expectations of ourselves in relation to this report were very high from the outset But we are not writing it for ourselves What do others expect of our Sustainability Report We simply asked a few in advance What you expect of us

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