14 Dear Reader Sustainability reports are usually written with specialists in mind We are breaking with this convention by addressing a wider audience We firmly be lieve that the topic of sustainability is relevant to everyone so our report should be accessible to everyone And everyone can expect us to write clearly and understandably Specialist knowledge is not required and terminology is explained Prior to planning this report we surveyed various stakehol ders see p 34 f We wanted to know what they expected of us with regard to sus tainability and many of them are directly quoted in this report We also decided not to structure this sustainability report in the usual man ner with separate sections on ecological economic and social dimensions Instead we followed the internal logic of our company These aspects are not discussed individually but rather in relation to each other Our chapters have titles like Tools of our trade Quality has roots and Nature and people They are full of events and activities from our daily work such as direct sourcing staff parties and making organic products Alert readers will note that we report on details more than once We do this because we ma nage our core business as sustainably as possible so questions of detail have become increasingly pertinent You can t tell if a company is truly sustainable at heart by its righteous claims but the humble bin in the company canteen can be revealing When an empty yoghurt container should be dismantled into three materials for disposal not everyone will know how that s done at first go A poster above our recycling bins shows the way What to expect 1 Prologue

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