154 By duty and by choice Employee health and safety are two key pillars of our com pany Obviously there are regulations with respect to these that we have to follow But we don t just want to fulfil the regulations We want to do a good job as well Here are the details of the safety measures we have in place Safety committee Our safety committee is manned by internal specialists safety officers and the company doctor as well as an ex ternal health safety specialist The latter is external be cause neither of our two locations is big enough at this stage for it to be worth training our own employees for this role All the more so as the regulations are constant ly changing It would take too much effort to keep up to date The safety committee at each site meets four times a year This means around ten people in Diepholz and usu ally four in Gronau They discuss any legal changes what they have noticed in the past three months what we can improve upon and more First aiders Depending on the type and size of company up to 10 of employees must be trained first aiders This means com pleting a specific course and undertaking refresher training every two years To ensure this we have to motivate our employees to sign up voluntarily Fire protection assistants At least 5 of a company s employees must be trained fire protection assistants While prior to 2013 it was enough for volunteers to watch informative films there are now much more demanding requirements Besides learning aspects of theory the fire protection assistants must also actively ex tinguish fires in various ways and practise how to properly clear the building Safety officers We have quite a number of safety officers in our companies who look after specific safety aspects fire protection lad ders and steps shelf inspections electrical equipment and hazardous substances But regardless of their position they all look out for possi ble safety risks in our daily work and ensure they are quick ly remedied More serious issues are dealt with by the safe ty committee Accidents The number of accidents shows how safe it is to work in a company We are very proud that we have hardly any ac cidents apart from the regular paper cuts from bags and cardboard boxes Reportable work accidents Gronau 2015 0 Rate of illness absenteeism Gronau 4 10 Reportable work accidents Diepholz 2015 1 Rate of illness absenteeism Diepholz 4 75 Ergonomics Insofar as we can we make sure our workplaces are per fectly ergonomic For example there are two filling stations at the Diepholz site where very one sided activities have to be performed That is why employees in this area reg ularly switch throughout the day to avoid one sided stress and strain But what does insofar as we can mean There are situ ations where it is not easy to improve ergonomics For ex ample one particular workplace in loose tea filling is less than ideal However we would have to completely elevate an entire filling line by a few centimetres to significantly improve this in other words dismantle an entire machine chain lay the necessary foundations and then assemble the filling line again In this situation the cost of improv ing ergonomics is much too high to pay However this case is documented so that these findings can be directly incor porated if there are any changes in this area such as ma chine replacements We have already made some tweaks in many areas for ex ample there is a lifting aid which can be used to very eas ily position the unwieldy film rolls for spice filling on the necessary machine With respect to the stainless steel con tainers in which our raw materials are moved from A to B during production we have had what is known as a bag dump station built to lower the bag lifting height And with the heavy coffee bags we have changed the packaging from small bags to massive big bags where we have large quan tities We can lift these mechanically to empty them into the corresponding machines As there is generally no way to rule out lifting altogether we regularly train the employ ees concerned on careful lifting and carrying 6 Nature and people

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