159 People Wir für Uns apprentice project Three times a year a special publication makes its appearance The Lebensbaum employee magazine Wir Für Uns By Us For Us is issued at our Diepholz location It is eagerly await ed each time by all our employees The anticipation is so great because the newsletter deals with all the important events surrounding our company Every year there are reports about the summer barbeque the Christmas party the apprentices excursions important changes in the company new employ ees special awards and much more Since the spring issue of 2015 our apprentices have been re sponsible for writing the magazine with the support of Cor porate Communications Regular editorial meetings are held in which an editor in chief is selected for each issue and the different topics for the magazine are discussed and assigned to the apprentices Tasks might include shooting photos of building alteration work or excursions conducting interviews with employees or describing new machines in such a way that everyone can understand regardless of department The jobs involved in bringing out each issue are divided up accord ing to the apprentices departments Topics requiring a good deal of writing and research for example are often handled by the industrial clerks in training because their workplaces al low them regular access to computers However when there is news from the warehouse or the shop floor the reporting is done by apprentices for warehouse logistics or food tech nology For the apprentices the employee magazine is a good exercise in taking on responsibility as well as a way to get to know the company better They have to submit the articles and photos by the required deadline to the editor in chief who is in turn responsible for the entire newsletter and making sure that all copy has been received The layout and design of the magazine always used to take up a lot of time In 2018 we decided to put this process into the hands of professionals So our employee magazine is not only full of stories by people who know what they re writ ing about it looks great as well

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