155 Nice hands As food manufacturers generally take hygiene very seriously gloves have to be worn in many cases and frequent hand washing is a must To ensure employee hands do not suffer too much from this we have developed an olive oil based fragrance free soap together with an organ ic soap manufacturer and also provide a special hand cream for break time and after shifts Hazardous substances They sound more dangerous than they actually are here with us On the whole we have very few hazardous substances in the company The most dangerous are a few cans of paint as well as lubricants approved for use in food production for the machines Otherwise we re mostly talking about toner for the printers or disinfectant for our hands But whatever it is it goes without saying that everything is stored properly in the right cabinets Sound protection Where machines are running there is going to be noise These are large ly quiet sounds which do not necessitate noise protection at the Gronau site Just one small room which is only entered for maintenance purposes reaches a sound level at which noise protection measures are required This is also indicated on the sign on its door However the machines are switched off for maintenance so everything is quiet then But just in case the room does need to be accessed while the machines are run ning capsule ear protectors are left hanging right beside the door for this The situation is a bit different in Diepholz The average noise exposure in the production area there is between 75 and 80 decibels That is why we absolutely recommend that our employees use noise protection Hear ing protectors are mandatory in two workplaces where workers are ex posed to more than 85 decibels Since 2013 we have not only provid ed various types of typical ear plugs but also offered employees custom hearing protection in the form of free ear moulds for greater comfort and even better protection Although much less monotonous than in production noise was also an issue in our popular bistro at the Diepholz site where you will often find many discussions going on at the same time during breaks The special sound absorbing ceiling installed in 2015 solved the problem Well dressed We provide work wear for our production and warehouse staff This dif fers depending on where they work there are thermal jackets for un heated storage areas while t shirts are more popular in warmer zones Dust Dust is not an issue in Gronau apart from the odd bit of fluff that may appear on the desks below each monitor Yet a great deal of dust is pro duced in the mixing facility in Diepholz But measurements have shown that this has not yet reached a critical level However that has not kept us from already trying to tackle this by thinking about supply and ex haust air system changes In the meantime our company doctor conducts regular lung function tests on all employees who work in this facility Ms Brüning you wrote your bachelor thesis on psychological stress in the workplace Why In Germany the number of work days lost due to illness is falling Contrary to this however mental illness is increas ing I was interested in where psycho logical stress can arise in the company What did you find out We live in a fast paced society People are suffering from more and more men tal pressure This can then be intensi fied by poor management for exam ple does the employee have too much responsibility or too little Is s he given all of the information s he needs for her his job Relationships with su pervisors are generally important but so too are those with colleagues How does the HR department respond That is what my bachelor thesis looked at I drew up a questionnaire to clarify where the possible triggers for psycho logical stress are in the company This might be noise an ambiguous task description or lack of help from super visors and colleagues The question naires will now be analysed and then we will remedy the possible stresses Victoria Brüning Personnel administrator a home grown Lebensbaum employee with a bachelor degree and a big heart for apprentices A cup of tea with People

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