160 6 Nature and people More than sausage In Germany for almost thirty years now the classic meal in staff canteens has been a sausage in curry sauce served with chips Rumour has it there are companies where this meal features on the menu every Wednesday often delivered by a ca tering company Our organic bistro in Diepholz has always done things differently The food here is freshly prepared mostly regional and seasonal and always 100 percent organic Meat and fish are each only served one day a week and the rest of the meals are veg etarian We also offer a daily selection of rolls and salads with freshly prepared dress ings Fridays always feature a surprise menu conjured up from the week s remaining stores because we hate throwing away food Employees order their meals several days in advance which also helps us plan quantities more precisely The required products are delivered once a week to avoid unnecessary transport and emissions We offer a new and varied menu every week Special dishes are always available for vegans vegetarians and employees with food allergies or intolerances And delicious desserts are served every day The same dish is rarely offered multiple times and if so then usually only at the express request of the employees And of course we occasionally serve the famous curry sausage After all we know where to find the best curry powder In 2018 the Lebensbaum organic bistro prepared a total of more than 15 000 dish es The company subsidises these meals to the tune of 50 percent But our reasons are not entirely altruistic Our organic bistro makes an important contribution to our employees well being and thus to the quality of their work That our bistro features Natural light a beautiful view of our biotope and a sunny patio area for the summer months also contributes to their satisfaction Because employ ee satisfaction goes hand in hand with productivity and productivity is essen tial to our company s success First and foremost however offering our employ ees a nutritious meal is in keeping with the values of a pioneering organic com pany like Lebensbaum

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