156 Corporate social responsibility 6 Nature and people Lebensbaum Stiftung foundation The Lebensbaum Stiftung foundation is independent and yet still a part of us How can that be The foundation was founded in 2007 by the Walter family which currently holds a 74 9 share in the company group via Auwa Holding It is very simple to under stand why it was set up over the 28 years of operation until then the individual Lebensbaum companies had been helping to fund quite a few projects includ ing a school on a Mexican coffee plantation and a project for disabled people in India By establishing the foundation the family was endeavouring to provide long term support to these and other projects independent of the commercial success or failure of the company The companies in the group continue to support these projects through donations to the Lebensbaum Stiftung foundation If a donation cannot be made for what ever reason the foundation can still ensure that the teacher in Mexico is paid and the children have a school to go to A very pragmatic decision And that is why the foundation is somehow still a part of us Even though Lebensbaum is not the only donor Anyone can donate to the Lebens baum Stiftung foundation Even online by simply going to www lebensbaum stiftung de There is also the option there of purchasing donation vouchers as gifts When the recipient redeems the voucher on the website s he gets to decide whether the money should end up going to one of our long term projects or a completely new one As a company we gladly accept our social re sponsibility This has been a given for us since the start and is therefore also anchored in our mission statement see page 18 It begins with us wanting to be a good employ er to our staff They should gladly and cheerfully come to work and feel well looked after and safe here And of course we also get involved outside of our own four walls Sometimes we use our physical strength like when we head into the moor with our appren tices to undertake active environmental protec tion measures see page 132 Or we invest both time and money in more eco friendly packaging demonstrating through our own example the pos sibilities in this area Helping to inspire others But we also support a large number of projects and campaigns in a very conventional way by donating money or products The largest items relating to financial support are the Lebens baum Stiftung foundation and our moorland pa tronage see page 132 We are equally pleased to sponsor both a small but excellent music festi val the Appletree Garden Festival and the chil dren s city run Our products make a difference whether it is at a major vegan festival in Austria or at the local food bank Sometimes we donate both money and products at the same time Take the Bio Brotbox organic sandwich box for ex ample In addition to this at least once a year we offer an organisation a free advertisement in our customer magazine so that 100 000 people are made aware of them Regardless of the approach we select we want to have a positive impact on society within the scope of our possibilities It is important for us especially when it comes to money to act as our customers would want us to At the end of the day they are the ones who make it possible for us to get involved in the first place

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