People Bio Brotbox organic sandwich box for a healthy breakfast It is hard to learn on an empty stomach Far too often children go to school with nothing for breakfast or something unhealthy The organic sandwich box campaign has been trying to set a positive example for a healthy breakfast since 2002 In participating schools all children starting primary school receive a BPA free sandwich box filled with organic bread vegetables and fruit as well as other tasty treats soon after their first day at school Volunteers normally organise the packing and distribution of the boxes for the various primary schools Lebensbaum has been supporting the campaign with donations of tea and money since 2003 First year children in Lebensbaum s home town of Diepholz were included in the organic breakfast campaign for the first time in 2012 We actively assisted with packing the boxes Since 2013 we have packed more than 200 boxes every year together with parents and other vol unteers here in the company A total of 190 000 organic sandwich box es were distributed in 2015 with chil dren finding a Lebensbaum tea in every second one FoBiLe FoBiLe short for the Forschungspreis Bio Lebensmittel wirtschaft an organic food industry research award is one of the most recent projects supported by the company group through its foundation This award honouring bachelor master and doctoral theses which focus on organic food has been in place since 2013 These can be quite technical theses looking at how raw materials are processed or ex tracted or theses of a theoretical nature with in teresting ideas on how to promote organic farming The Lebensbaum Stiftung foundation sponsors the award together with the Schweisfurth Foundation the BioFach trade fair and the Association of Organic Food Processors AöL Lebensbaum founder Ulrich Walter was a jury member from the beginning and was succeeded in his post in 2014 by his daughter Maren a member of the board of the Lebensbaum Stiftung foun dation Degree theses have already been honoured three years in a row in February in Nuremberg as part of the BioFach trade fair The spon sors of the award provide the prize money each year

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