161 People Winner of the 2018 Corporate Culinary Culture Competition The coffee is on the house As early as the 19th century workers in New York City were drinking coffee during their lunch break It was offered in company canteens at cost a cus tom that also spread to large German companies in the 1920s And we are pleased to continue this tra dition even taking it a step further Our employees enjoy free coffee and tea in the workplace The Lower Saxony Ministry for Food Agriculture and Consumer Protection believes that the culinary culture at our company is worthy of recognition Not only because we always prepare fresh organic meals and make every effort to use seasonal and local products But because the food also tastes great Late in the summer of 2018 Minister Barbara Otte Kinast awarded our organic bistro the title of Best Company Restaurant in Lower Saxony for its excellence in staff catering and called on other companies to follow our example

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2019 Seite 163
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