One never notices what has been done one can only see what remains to be done Marie Curie once sorrowfully observed We can do some thing about that we thought and in preparation for this report we wrote down everything that we do in terms of sustainability The list turned out to be quite long It soon became obvious that we could not report on it all in detail Therefore in chapters 1 to 6 we very much restricted ourselves to matters that are of material significance to the company and its stakeholders or that have been added for the first time during the reporting period Nevertheless in order to give the reader a good overview of our sustaina bility activities we made chapter 7 a catch all section where everything can be found in brief and concise form Since we wanted to structure everything as clearly as possible we opted for entry words in alphabet ical order and for an encyclopaedic style Activities big and small come along one after the other in a brief compact format Symbols assign them to our chapters top level themes and page refer ences encourage you to read more on the preceding pages

Vorschau Sustainability Report 2016 Seite 164
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