160 7 Did you know From A to Z Legend 2 Company 3 Tools 4 1 Products 4 2 Customers 5 1 Quality 5 2 Purchasing 6 1 Nature 6 2 People Air freighted tea Tea imported by air which thus causes a large amount of greenhouse gas Is not used at Leb ensbaum See page 100ff Amphibian waters Small body of water and an important habitat for numerous specialist creatures With our support it has been possible to establish two of these ecotopes in order to create new hab itats for plants and endangered animals such as the moor and tree frog frog and thus to protect the biodiversity in the region Appletree Garden Festival A local music festival that we have been ac tively supporting since it was first staged in the year 2000 The festival is put on annually by a team of volunteers Apprenticeship initiative Our answer to the shortage of skilled labour in rural regions We are committed to our two lo cations and with an above average appren ticeship rate ensure a skilled next generation of young employees See page 148 Apprenticeship rate Proportion of the total workforce represented by apprentices At the Diepholz site this quota was 12 5 in 2013 10 8 in 2014 und 9 7 in 2015 putting it clearly above the average for small and medium sized enterprises in Germa ny which in 2014 was 5 5 Apprenticeship initiative Apprenticeship training Offered by Lebensbaum in five areas Indus trial commerce Food technology Ware house logistics Machine and plant opera tion Catering Art The visual arts are omnipresent in our com pany building Selected paintings impressive statues and architecture in tune with nature create an inspiring setting for our daily work See page 32 Associations Groups formed for swapping experiences and ideas forming opinions and represent ing shared interests And for Lebensbaum also a good opportunity to champion sustainable business operations on a political and societal level as well See page 33 Award Awards such as the German CSR Award the German Sustainability Award and the Biomarke des Jahres Organic Brand of the Year confirm that we are on the right path See page 26ff Bio Brotbox organic sandwich box An initiative that shows primary school chil dren and their parents the importance of a healthy breakfast because it s hard to learn on an empty stomach At participating schools every year one pupil receives a BPA free sand wich box filled with organic bread vegeta bles and fruit and other delights Since 2003 Lebensbaum has been contributing tea and also actively supporting the local Bio Brotbox scheme See page 157 Biodiversity Term used for the diversity of animal and plant species and also of ecosystems Lebensbaum tries not least through maintaining the compa ny grounds in a form close to nature to gener ate a habitat for as many species as possible Projects such as VisionsWald Vision forest and the moorland patronage contribute to the preservation of biodiversity The organic farming methods used by our suppliers are designed to preserve biodiversity as well BioFach The world s largest trade fair for ecological consumer goods and raw materials and thus the organic sector s most important meeting place It was staged for the first time in 1990 Lebensbaum was in attendance right from the start The forerunner of BioFach was the FKK also called the Müslimesse muesli trade fair Biomarke des Jahres 2013 Organic Brand of the Year An award that we received for our single estate tea from Darjeeling See page 26 Brand card Orientation aid for employees Summarises briefly and concisely everything that Lebens baum stands for and that sets us apart Car park lighting Runs on solar power and ensures in our extra car park outside the main company site that after they have finished work staff on the late shift are also able to find their cars in the light Due to the different sizes of the two sites and their individual histories not all entries always apply to both

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