Employee turnover rate in the past three years Employees under 30 years between 30 and 50 over 50 years total Diepholz 51 71 48 170 Gronau 2 21 15 38 Managers under 30 years between 30 and 50 over 50 years total Diepholz 1 10 11 22 Gronau 0 2 3 5 Turnover rate 2016 2017 2018 Diepholz 9 7 9 0 8 8 Gronau 4 1 10 8 7 7 Gender distribution of employees and managers Employees male female other total Diepholz 79 91 0 170 Gronau 24 14 0 38 Managers male female other total Diepholz 16 6 0 22 Gronau 5 0 0 5 And here are a few more numbers And here are a few more numbers 164 What would a company be without employees Machines would stand idle calls would go unanswered Sooner or later everything would be covered in dust and you wouldn t be able to earn anything The bottom line is employees are important Each and every one of the 208 people who work at Lebens baum Which brings us to our first number 208 Of whom 170 work in Diepholz and 38 in Gronau Our Employees Each of these people has a face a histo ry has been with the company for a long or short time Each one has their own person ality their own strengths and weaknesses And each one makes a new contribution to the company every work day In sustainability reports and similar docu ments this is the section where companies trot out a lot of statistics pertaining to their staff And we are happy to do so At least in most cases However one figure that we con stantly struggle with is the number of people with a migrant background working for us Let s be honest we really don t care where people s grandparents were born Or wheth er their families have always lived in Germa ny or for a long time or only for a short time What we care about is whether people can do the work we ve hired them for Do they get along with their colleagues Are they a good fit for the company So it doesn t matter to us where in the world an applicant s family has its roots The same goes for gender by the way male female non binary or fluid And for religious beliefs sexual orientation or whatever else could be considered It s our goal to have good em ployees who feel comfortable with us in all their diversity To be able to offer them good secure jobs and to have them remain with our company for as long as possible We only re sort to temporary and short term employ ees in exceptional situations such as holidays or extreme peaks in production Which came to two people in Diepholz and four in Gronau in mid 2018 As of 31 Dec 2018 6 Nature and people

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