161 Carbon neutral Processes are carbon and climate neutral if they do not impair the sensitive equilibrium of climate balance We are trying to structure as many steps as possible along the value chain in a climate friendly way In several cases we have already succeeded in doing so Car bon neutral production Carbon neutral printing Carbon neutral printing Method of producing Lebensbaum printed ma terials such as the customer magazine Der Lebensbaum The volume of gases harmful to the climate produced in the process is precisely calculated and made carbon neutral through the purchase of certificates See page 129 Carbon neutral production This applies to the production and packaging of all Lebensbaum products The machines run on green energy and in Diepholz geother mal energy is used for heating and cooling We fully offset the greenhouse gases caused by using green energy as well as natural gas in Gronau and the emissions generated at our contract filling and processing partners Cargo bike Vehicle that enables us to travel short distanc es e g the 400m to our logistics centre with out having to start up an engine Catering One of our apprenticeship training areas Celebrations and festivals Convivial events There are at least two of them in the Lebensbaum year the summer festival Pättkestour cycling tour and the Christmas party See page 142 Certified environmental management Serves to record environmental influences positive and negative and their systematic im provement See page 46 Chemical free industrial cleaning A form of industrial cleaning in which only biological cleaning agents are used Chemical cleaning agents can in the event of contact not only be an irritant to the skin and res piratory passages but also cause problems in waste water Together with our cleaning com pany LR Gebäudereinigung GmbH we there fore looked for ways of avoiding their use on our premises The pilot project began in 2008 and since then the cleaning methods have been constantly enhanced Code of conduct A central element of our corporate philosophy When it comes to selecting our raw material suppliers it is therefore essential that they not only fulfil our quality expectations and adhere to national and international standards but that they also implement our social and eco logical requirements All suppliers must for instance promote employee opportunities for training and development and make it their aim to avoid pollution at all times At the start of a partnership all suppliers sign a commit ment to adhere to our code of conduct Leb ensbaum Partner System Company agreements Contractual agreements between employer and works council The company agreements made to date form our basic rules for instance on conduct and handling conflict in the work place and on avoiding any unequal treatment Employees statutory right to organise them selves collectively and to have their interests represented is cemented in these as well The company agreements apply to 100 of the workforce Concerts and festivals In the past even used to take place in our warehouse halls Now no longer possible for reasons of food hygiene legislation We there fore support various events in the region for example the Appletree Garden Festival Corruption Is impossible at Lebensbaum All group compa nies are systematically monitored and checked by the management team in respect of their corruption risks Corruption is fundamentally against our company principles and is not tol erated in any way How to deal with conflicts of interest including how to avoid corruption is set out in our employment contracts em ployment guidelines and a specific compa ny agreement Our suppliers must confirm by signing our code of conduct that they forbid corruption See page 203 Culture Is for us alongside ecology economy and so cial responsibility the fourth pillar of sustain ability See page 30f Customer magazine Der Lebensbaum

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