162 Data protection We take this very seriously and accordingly handle customer and employee data carefully Breaches of data protection regulations cases of lost data and corresponding complaints none known as our data protection officer reports Daylight dependent lighting Saves energy in our logistics centre by regulat ing the switching on of the artificial light based on the intensity of light from the mercurial north German sun Whenever sufficient sun is shining through the skylights the lights simply remain off Demeter spices Spices and spice mixes the ingredients of which have been predominantly or wholly grown in accordance with the Demeter stand ard For example our Explorers Finest See page 61 Der Lebensbaum Perhaps our most important communications medium for informing and entertaining our customers It appears four times a year with a print run of 100 000 copies and can be picked up in many organic grocery stores or sub scribed to for free See page 74 Desert Club Official name International Association for Partnership in Ecology and Trade a think tank made of pioneers of organic agriculture See page 31 Diversity An indispensable factor that is essential for business success And a widely used term in sustainability circles Ecological farming Also called organic farming Employee identification We aim to foster this systematically through a range of different measures and thus to offer more than just a place of work We therefore run cross departmental product knowledge and advanced training sessions even for our apprentices in which we discuss company values and other issues of importance to Leb ensbaum A staff magazine provides infor mation on everything that is going on related to the company Our staff purchasing scheme enables employees to buy Lebensbaum prod ucts at reduced prices Every time we have a successful year we also voluntarily share that success with our staff via holiday Christmas money and possibly bonuses as well other measures Celebrations and festivals see also page 152 Employee manual Gives new employees all the information needed to find their bearings at Lebensbaum Where was the HR office again How do I order something through the staff purchasing scheme When is lunch available in the Or ganic bistro It includes all that and more A good reference book for long standing employ ees as well Employment law Company agreements Energy Is used at Lebensbaum as sparingly as possi ble Daylight dependent lighting and mo tion sensors contribute to this We have already long since said goodbye to fossil fuels since 2002 we have been using green energy and since 2009 have had one of Lower Saxony s highest performance geothermal energy sys tems in operation Our production facilities run on a carbon neutral basis In 2015 we installed a photovoltaic system on our roof See page 126f Equal treatment A basic condition for our work together at our company EV charging point Charging facility for electric vehicles on our company site in Diepholz which is available to all electric vehicle drivers weekdays from 6am until at least 9pm See page 124 Facebook Since 2009 an important tool for keeping in contact with our customers 24 hours a day www facebook com lebensbaum Family friendliness Is an important issue to us For special situ ations e g a wedding we therefore give our employees special leave We offer our employ ees flexible working time models and custom solutions such as part time work and where appropriate provision for working from home What s more flexitime applies for our admin istration staff Fashion Week An important event for the fashion scene in Berlin Lebensbaum has been supporting green designers such as Isabell de Hillerin with the presentation of their collections there since 2010 7 Did you know From A to Z

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