166 Striking a good work life balance And here are a few more numbers Parental leave parental part time work part time full time Diepholz 30 140 of which managers 1 21 of which men 5 74 of which women 25 66 Gronau 10 28 of which managers 0 5 of which men 2 22 of which women 8 6 fathers and mothers Diepholz Gronau Parental leave months mothers 2018 64 0 Parental leave months fathers 2018 2 2 Parental part time months mothers 2018 0 0 Parental part time months fathers 2018 12 0 Part time vs full time A lot of the things large corporations like to include in their schemes are things we do routinely here What hap pens if an employee s spouse breaks a foot and they have a toddler at home Of course we find a temporary solution that allows the employee to work from home for a while This is just one example the list of individu al solutions is much much longer ranging from short term arrangements allowing employees to work remotely when they need to care for a family member like in the case above which is something that has happened nu merous times over the years to giving employees time off for community service like membership in a volun teer fire brigade Occasionally an employee will ask to work from home on a regular basis which we allow in indi vidual cases if it can be reconciled with the daily business of the company Because whereas the IT industry and other companies that mainly work with computers are blazing trails in this area it s not so easy for a company that makes things especially one that produces food You can t just produce teabags in your living room and people s willingness to work from home sinks dramati cally if the job requires a forklift and pallets loaded with bags of herbs All joking aside for reasons of hygiene alone producing or packaging food at home would be unthinkable The opposite is also true Working on site at either of our locations wouldn t be right for our field sales staff Aside from this staff in 2018 four of our em ployees worked from home Not every day of the week however In addition in individual cases we were able to arrange temporary solutions for working remotely All that being said it is still important to us that the ma jority of our work takes place on our premises togeth er with our colleagues This promotes team spirit and dialogue And although we generally employ people in full time positions we always have a few part time em ployees who work between ten and 35 hours per week see p 165 In some cases for an extended period of time for instance due to childcare needs and in oth ers on a permanent basis And there are always good reasons for this Like a gradual re entry into the work force after parental leave Speaking of which parental leave is a popular option But is it more popular for mothers or fathers Look at the table to find out There are even more issues that need to be addressed in order for employees to feel good in the company Like equal opportunities What woman would want to go the extra mile on the job if she knew that a less dedicated male colleague could sim ply overtake her on the career and salary ladder That s right none It also wouldn t be fair So our policy has always been equal pay for equal work regardless of gender And because we like to have our employees re main with us until they re ready for retirement we are also prepared to adapt working conditions to the em ployee s time of life As of 31 Dec 2018 6 Nature and people

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