163 Ferdi The inquisitive dragon that explores the world together with our young customers In our customer magazine Der Lebensbaum there is always at least one page dedicated to him where he gives tips on handicrafts cooking and games Field sales team Direct point of contact locally to answer all questions about us and our products that or ganic grocery store owners may have See page 80 Finest organic quality What you get from Lebensbaum FKK Also known as the Frankfurter Körner Kon gress the official forerunner of BioFach The first so called Müslimesse muesli trade fair took place from 17 to 19 June 1983 It featured 55 exhibitors and attracted 2 000 visitors Natu rally Lebensbaum attended Flavouring There is artificial flavouring nature identi cal flavouring and natural flavouring And we want none of them Purity principle Food banks Exist in our rural area as well We support the regional and sometimes also pan regional food banks with products Food technology One of our apprenticeship training areas Frog Amphibian that visibly and above all audi bly feels at home in our pond and also in the amphibian waters created with our support Full container loads The way we buy raw materials We have only full containers delivered This avoids any con tamination Full declaration Details on our products over and above the legal requirements of all ingredients in order to guarantee the greatest possible transparen cy for our customers For us a matter of course from the outset See page 88 Genetic engineering Technological method of modifying genetic material The term genetically modified crops relates to crops on which this has been used We fundamentally reject any form of genetic engineering We remain true to this line when it comes to our packaging materials as well See page 121 Geothermal energy Environmentally friendly means by which we have been controlling the temperature of our production buildings since 2009 The Lebens baum geothermal energy system which uses the temperatures prevailing at a depth of 100m to heat our production facilities in the winter and cool it down in the summer is one of the most powerful in Lower Saxony Operated by green energy our production has run complete ly without any emission of CO2 since then German CSR Award An award given to companies that operate in an economical ecological and socially respon sible way Lebensbaum received this award in 2014 in the 50 to 499 employees category See page 28 German Sustainability Award Awarded annually since 2008 by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis foundation in cooperation with the German government municipal umbrella organisations business associations civic organisations and research institutes The top award of its kind in Europe In 2015 Lebensbaum became Germany s most sustainable company in the medium sized business category See page 27 Green energy Is our energy source of choice In 2002 we approached the local municipal utilities de partment to express our wish to be provided with electricity from regenerative sources The resultant pilot project was a success In com bination with our geothermal energy system installed in 2009 our production operation now runs on a carbon neutral basis Newly added to this is our photovoltaic system fit ted in 2015 Green IT Low consumption technology GreenTec Awards Glamorous awards ceremony that offers a well deserved platform to innovations that conserve resources and are good for the en vironment In around 20 categories such as Production Energy and Recycling the awards pay tribute to clever ideas and companies for whom sustainability and technical progress go hand in hand with one another Instead of a red carpet there s biological natural grass Germany s green carpet is a meeting place for top ranking representatives from the political business academic and media worlds Attend ees at the GreenTec Awards 2015 toasted the winners with a double espresso at our Lebens baum bar It was the sixth time already that we had been there

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