167 Regular employee surveys Every three years our managing directors commission an em ployee survey This serves as an important instrument for de veloping our company in line with the needs of our employ ees Because such surveys help identify these needs They are anonymous and are conducted by the Hanover based imug Be ratungsgesellschaft mbH To maintain anonymity smaller de partments which sometimes consist of just one or two people are merged with other departments to form one unit for the pur pose of the survey The most recent survey was carried out in 2017 At 72 percent the participation rate was gratifyingly high The questionnaire is based on a scale from fully applicable 100 points to not applicable 0 points According to imug values under 60 points show that action needs to be taken Here are a few examples from the most recent survey Leb ensbaum received good marks as an especially sustainable company 90 points Our internal understanding of quality also scored high at 86 points And the same number of points was awarded to the assessment of Lebensbaum employees pleasantness towards customers Of course such a study also highlights areas where improve ment is needed For example not everyone considers their workstation to be ergonomically correct and conveniently de signed although the score of 69 points does not indicate any urgent need for action However as a general rule we always take the latest ergonomic findings into account when making new acquisitions and designing new workstations see p 169 When we moved into our new house in 2002 for instance we didn t yet have any height adjustable desks in our offic es today those have almost all been replaced And worksta tions that involve a higher level of physical exertion are checked frequently Our company physician who advises us on better ergonomics with regard to both employees and equipment makes regular rounds With regard to the working environment employees were also asked whether their own workstation allows them to concentrate and work in a pleasant atmosphere The median score was above 60 points However breaking down the re sponses by different areas revealed that a department where many employees work in an open plan office that is quite loud and warm in the summer was given significantly worse marks only reaching 59 points By the summer of 2018 corrective measures had been taken External blinds an air conditioning and ventilation system a new sound absorbing office ceiling and a number of sound absorbing elements between the desks and on the walls now ensure a pleasant working environment in the office in question People Employees were also asked if they receive fair pay for the work they do At only 56 points overall there is certainly need for action here 2017 was not only the year of the survey but also the year in which we had to cope with a significant decrease in revenues for the first time see p 19 This decline was due to the poor sales of a major customer We never theless carried out the annual payroll ad justments In addition we decided and in formed our employees that no one would lose their jobs due to the decrease in reve nues And in 2018 the groundwork was al ready laid for pay adjustments that will par ticularly benefit our permanent employees in the lower salary brackets Our contributions to the company pension scheme also continued undiminished we even raised them in 2018 see p 162 Of course these are not the only positive or negative results But they give a small taste of the overall findings As a whole the study revealed that our employees are satisfied with Lebensbaum as an employer Our next employee survey is planned for 2020 We look forward to seeing the results

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