164 Health Our employees health is understandably of great importance to us Safety at work training courses and medical check ups are designed to contribute to this through prevention There are no jobs at Lebensbaum with an especially high health risk High safety standards across the board ergonomically configured work places and regular workplace rotation help to safeguard good health of our employees Any members of staff with a serious illness receive individual support The provision of meals pre pared freshly every day in the Organic bis tro also contributes to healthy nutrition See page 152ff Healthy soil We regard this as our most important asset Through organic farming the soil is kept healthy and alive so that it can permanently produce good food See page 116 History The history of the Lebensbaum company An eventful piece of history from setting up the organic grocery store in 1979 to the present day See page 24f House Tea Produced by Ulrich Walter based on Grandma Wilhelmine s own recipe More than 30 years ago it was Germany s first organic herbal tea blend ILO Short for International Labour Organization In addition to national legislation relating to occupational health and safety all Lebensbaum suppliers also keep to the internationally rec ognised ILO Guidelines The core employment standards include for example eliminating any child or forced labour IMS Integrated management system An important tool for coordinating all processes at and con nected with Lebensbaum See page 38ff Industrial commerce One of our apprenticeship training areas Inks free of mineral oil Decorate all our packaging materials That s for one thing because mineral oil is a finite resource that we want to get away from using and for another because we want to protect our products from any potential residues Our other printed materials such as our custom er magazine are also printed using exclusively ink free of any mineral oil See page 120 and 129 Innovation A new product or feature that freshens up the product range See page 59 Insulation Ensures that our company building in Diepholz does not heat up too much in the summer and that in winter no heat is lost Back then avant garde now standard during the build ing s construction in 2001 we fitted insulation that was way ahead of its time and that still more than fulfils current insulation require ments When undertaking subsequent building work in 2007 and 2009 we also fitted what for the standard of the time was above average insulation See page 49 and 114 Isabell de Hillerin Young fashion designer whose collections com bine old crafts ecological and social values and innovative design With great success she has already presented her talent on multiple occasions at Fashion Week in Berlin Lebens baum supports her in doing this Kaapi Kerala Germany s first espresso in Demeter quality A spirited blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from India and Mexico Lebensbaum Partner System System in which all Lebensbaum suppliers and service providers are recorded See page 44f Lebensbaum staff bicycle scheme A way for employees to buy a new bicycle at an appreciably discounted price Lebensbaum takes on the lease payments and withholds a small portion of the employee s salary to cover this As a result of favourable taxation the to tal is less than purchasing the bicycle directly The Lebensbaum staff bicycle scheme contrib utes to both environmental protection and em ployee health See page 125 Lebensbaum Stiftung Is a foundation set up by the Walter fami ly in 2007 that supports projects and people in the areas of education youth care culture and environmental protection in Germany and abroad See page 156 Local culture Worthy of retaining for future generations Local organisations and events that Lebens baum supports include the Heimatverein Diep holz Diepholz Local Heritage Society the Tuchmacherhaus Clothiers Museum and the Apple tree Garden Festival 7 Did you know From A to Z

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