165 Organic farming Also called ecological farming ecological agri culture or organic agriculture it describes the environmentally friendly production of agri cultural produce All Lebensbaum products are 100 organic The rules for organic farming include not using any chemical pesticides min eral fertilisers or genetic modification Organic farms have their growing methods certified and regularly checked They strive for a closed loop system produce is grown in harmony with nature without using any artificial aids from outside See page 116 Overnight cooling A clever way of exchanging air warm out cold in For controlling the temperature of the logis tics centre Packaging materials For us packaging should provide optimum pro tection for our products and yet generate as lit tle rubbish as possible Our premise is there fore as much as necessary as little as possible See page 120 Low consumption technology Keeps electricity consumption as low as pos sible in all our offices Energy efficient devic es which when they have served their time with us also get reused by our employees at home Should that not happen they are bro ken up into their individual parts and sent for recycling Low energy building Method of construction that we used for our company building in 2001 Machine and plant operation One of our apprenticeship training areas Machines Are designed at Lebensbaum to assist us in producing and packing products of finest or ganic quality in an energy efficient manner and to carry on doing so for as long as possible In our company nothing and nobody gets hastily written off Manual filling Manual method of filling our products into the appropriate packs This applies to products such as bay leaves mountain tea and cinna mon sticks Our manual filling team from Di akoniewerkstätten Neubrandenburg has taken on this demanding task since 2011 Meadow orchard Is what we have made out of the large area of grassland behind our production building Growing there now are big and small young and old fruit trees of different varieties provid ing a habitat and food for bees and bumble bees butterflies chiffchaffs hares and some times even deer In this way it contributes to the biodiversity on our company grounds in Diepholz Moorland patronage Financial and conceptual support for the rena turation of Diepholz Moor Lebensbaum took this on in 2012 and by the end of 2015 had already provided over 110 000 for the project A group of employees also go regularly into the moorland to undertake active nature conserva tion See page 132 Motion sensors A good and simple aid for saving energy in all our communal rooms such as washrooms photocopying room and the storeroom as well Whenever there is no one in these rooms the light remains off And anyone with their hands full entering these rooms doesn t have to put everything down first in order to feel for the switch in the dark Müslimesse muesli trade fair Officially Frankfurter Körner Kongress FKK forerunner of BioFach Online shop Our whole range of products available on the Internet since autumn 2012 shop lebensbaum de Open ear policy Ensures at Lebensbaum that we are able to take individual care of our employees Where large companies have to introduce cumber some employee programmes we are able to find non bureaucratic individual solutions e g in the event of an employee falling ill or getting into financial difficulty See page 152 Organic bistro At lunchtime probably the most popular place at Lebensbaum Organic dishes freshly pre pared every day give staff energy for the rest of the working day See page 143 Packing Is done by hand for products such as Teeviel falt and the Advent calendar as our machines are not able to put teabags of different sorts into a single pack This work is therefore done by the Bersenbrücker Gemeinnützige Werkstät ten See page 95 Paper Consists of 99 9 recycled material in the case of everything we print We continue to work on the remaining 0 1 See page 129 Partners For us suppliers service providers and cus tomers with whom we work on a long term basis In Lebensbaum Partner System the term refers exclusively to suppliers and service providers not to customers

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