169 was also the figure that Gronau was able to document in regards to reportable com muting accidents In Diepholz this number was 12 54 Comparative figures for Ger many can be found at www dguv de de zahlen fakten And of course the influenza virus and its friends don t make a detour around Lebensbaum as the illness rate in the table below illustrates In 2018 the rate in Diepholz was 6 percent in Gronau 2 5 percent In the same year the Germany wide average was 4 3 percent People 2016 2017 2018 Diepholz Gronau Diepholz Gronau Diepholz Gronau illness rate 48 3 2 4 8 3 0 6 0 2 5 reportable workplace accidents accidents on premises 1 0 3 0 4 0 reportable workplace accidents commuting accidents 2 1 2 0 2 0 rate of accidents per 1 000 employees accidents on premises 6 22 0 00 19 33 0 00 25 07 0 00 rate of accidents per 1 000 employees commuting accidents 12 45 31 45 12 89 0 00 12 54 0 00 lost workday rate 0 14 0 06 0 13 0 00 0 06 0 00 position is more challenging In addition to the theoretical part of their training fire safety assistants must also actively learn to extinguish fires in several ways and practice how to properly evacuate a building Which makes us all the more pleased that in 2018 17 percent of our employees in Diepholz and 11 percent in Gronau were willing to volunteer for this role In addition to the mandatory build ing evacuation drills in Diepholz we also hold a fire drill each year Safety officers In our companies we have a number of different safety officers who look after different aspects of occupational safe ty fire safety ladders and steps shelves and electrical equipment But regardless of their position they keep an eye out for potential safety haz ards every day and make sure any prob lems are quickly remedied More serious issues are handled by the ASA Accidents and illnesses The number of accidents shows how safe it is to work for a company We are very proud of the fact that accidents rarely happen here apart from the reg ularly occurring paper cuts from bags and cardboard boxes In Germany the standard for declaring reportable ac cidents is often called the 1 000 per son quota In other words the number of reportable accidents multiplied by 1 000 employees and then divided by the number of full time equivalents at the company In terms of workplace accidents in Die pholz this figure came to 25 07 in 2018 in Gronau the number was zero Which Good work places To the extent possible we provide employees with ergonomic workplaces At our Diepholz location for example there are two filling stations where very one sided movements are necessary So the employees working in this area regularly switch throughout the day so they don t incur repetitive strain injuries on that side In addi tion there are standing stools available in various areas from the bistro to the shop floor to provide employees relief from constant standing But what do we mean by to the extent possible There are cases where it s not easy to improve the ergonomics For example we have a single workstation in the loose tea filling area that is not optimal To significantly improve it however we would have to completely raise an entire filling line by a few centimetres dismantle the entire row of machines build an appropriate substructure and then set up the filling line again In this case the gain in ergonomics must be weighed against such a sig nificant expenditure of resources However the case has been documented so that in the event of changes in this area such as a machine replacement the necessary improvements will be incorporated into the process Because lifting cannot be avoided in some jobs we regularly train the affected em ployees in how to correctly lift and carry Wherever we set up new workstations we take the latest ergonomic require ments into account And of course this applies to renovations as well which gener

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