166 Pension fund The key to our company pension scheme The company pays in 300 per participating employ ee Each employee is additionally able to pay into the pension fund via deferred compensa tion See page 152 Pension scheme Pension fund Photovoltaic system Has been installed on the roof of our new warehouse since the end of 2015 and converts sunlight into energy Calculated across the year it is projected to cover nearly 10 of our electricity needs See page 122 Pick by voice system Our procedure for order based stock pick ing The employees receive voice controlled computer instructions via a headset Which product is needed Where is it How much of it is needed It makes the work easier increases efficiency cuts down on mistakes saves paper and according to the feedback so far from our staff contributes to a happy workplace Pioneer of organic agriculture Organic sector trailblazer In our case with the first organic herbal tea blend and the first or ganic coffee Since 1979 See page 58f Product knowledge Regular internal training of apprentices and a few other employees on our products and raw materials Product range Includes at Lebensbaum herbs spices tea and coffee always 100 organic See page 66f Purity principle A maxim that has applied at Lebensbaum since 1979 absolutely no use of flavourings addi tives or aromas See page 56 Quality guarantee Is shown on all our product packaging We are thus vouching for the use of 100 organically grown raw ingredients from fair partnerships with strict quality controls no GMOs cli mate friendly production and no use of flavour ings See page 88 and U8 Rainwater retention basin Reservoir for holding back rainwater temporar ily since due to the sealing of a plot of land such as through the building of our logistics centre less surface area is able to absorb the same amount of rain Through the presence of the retention basin any drainage peaks are avoided Representation of young workers and apprentices Called JAV in short the group representing young workers and apprentices under the age of 25 is elected from among their number and is a direct point of contact for them within the company It also forms part of the works council See page 151 Retained samples store The place where a sample of each raw material supplied to us is preserved in large glass jars See page 93 Roof planting Looks nice But that s not all As a result of the natural vegetation covering some of our roofs we have not only gained additional thermal in sulation but also a further opportunity to cre ate habitats for flora and fauna See page 114 Safety at work Has top priority both for us on our own prem ises and at our suppliers operations Regular training sessions teach our production staff how to work safely with our machines We utilise our staff magazine to explain other matters e g how to use the fire extinguishers correctly outside of the regular training sched ule We and our partners also adhere to the strict guidelines of the ILO See page 44f and 154f Scrub clearance Removal of scrub young trees for example birch from the moorland Together with help ers from the Naturschutzring Dümmer nature conservation group the nature conservation of ficer responsible for the region and sometimes also with our neighbours from the German Army our apprentices and other employees regularly go into the moorland in order to free it of scrub This deprives the moorland of for example large amounts of water and at the same time denies it light which the mosses need to grow See page 132f Shipments by sea Are for us the climate friendly alternative to faster but more resource and CO2 intensive de livery by air See page 100 7 Did you know From A to Z

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