170 ally mean an improvement We are happy to take a move between offices as an opportunity to have a closer look at the working conditions In two very warm offices for example an air condition ing system was installed for hot days In an open plan office all the desk chairs were replaced with new ergonomic models And some improvements are significantly more extensive This reporting period has seen everything from five electric lift trucks in Gronau to an entire ventilation system for the mixing station in Diepholz see p 49 Hands on Because food manufacturers have to take hy giene very seriously gloves must be worn a lot of the time and hands washed frequently So that our employees hands don t suffer unduly we have developed an olive oil based fragrance free soap in collaboration with an organic soap man ufacturer and also provide a special hand lotion that employees can use during breaks and at the end of their shifts Hazardous materials This term sounds more threatening than the real ity at our company Overall we have very few haz ardous substances on site the most dangerous are a few cans of paint and some machine lubri cants specially approved for use in food produc tion Otherwise there s the ink for the printers as well as the hand sanitiser But no matter what we are talking about it goes without saying that it s all correctly stored in the right cupboards Loud and clear Where machines are in operation there will be noise In our Gronau location you ll primarily hear low sounds that don t require any sort of noise 6 Nature and people protection Only the roasting hall and a small room that s mainly used for maintenance purposes reach decibel levels for which noise protection is mandatory if you re there for more than a few minutes But no permanent workstations are located in either of these spaces Diepholz is another matter The average noise level in the production area is between 75 and 80 decibels For this reason we strongly recommend that our employees wear hearing protection devices HPDs HPDs are manda tory at two workstations because the noise levels exceed 85 decibels For hearing protection we not only provide ordinary earplugs of various sorts or over ear protectors earmuffs but also offer employees who need con stant hearing protection the option of receiving custom moulded earplugs free of charge for greater comfort and even better hearing protection Although significantly less monotonous in Nature than in our production ar eas noise was also an issue in our heavily frequented organic bistro in Die pholz After all during breaks there are a lot of people talking at the same time A retrofitted special acoustic ceiling has solved that problem A similar situation existed in the older of our two open plan offices In 2018 there fore all ceiling panels were replaced with sound absorbing panels and ad ditional decorative elements that provided sound insulation were added to the room In the case of the newer open plan office such measures were already undertaken at the time of construction Well dressed We provide work clothes to our employees in production and the ware house These differ based on the workstation Thermal jackets are available for unheated storage areas T shirts are very popular in the warmer areas Dust Dust is not an issue in Gronau except for what occurs during the cleaning of raw coffee So we ve installed a dust extractor in that area In Diepholz a great deal of dust is produced like in the new mixing station which is now partitioned off from the large warehouse In 2018 a new ventilation system was installed there to keep employees from harm and prevent deflagra tion The extraction system in our first production hall dates back to 2002 and is starting to show its age So we will install a new one there as well in 2019 Despite this new equipment our company physician still carries out regular lung function tests for all employees who work in the mixing area

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