167 Social policy guidelines A commitment to Lebensbaum basic values such as equal opportunities freedom to negoti ate and working hours Codified in 2012 Solar technology Is used for example in the case of the solar heat system on our logistics centre And by our photovoltaic system Species counting Gives us an overview of how much natural life there is on our company grounds what is twittering in the bushes coming into blossom in the meadow orchard and swimming in on our pond The biological stocktaking began in summer 2012 Sponsorship One main focus of this is for example the moorland patronage See page 132 and 156f Staff magazine Called WirFürUns By Us For Us at Lebens baum and written by our apprentices it in forms all employees about internal diary dates and interesting or funny incidents and shows pictures of company events such as the last Christmas party See page 150 Suppliers Partners Sustainability officer Member of staff who documents all of our ecological and social efforts and Lebensbaum s effects Teabags with no staple A customer request that we were only too hap py to implement the thread is now sewn to the bag instead of being tacked on The lone sta ple on the teabag tag can go into the compost without any problem For this one to be lost as well new machines first need to be pro cured That of course can only be considered when the old ones have served out their time Value chain Encompasses every step no matter how small in the production of our prod ucts From cultivation in the source country all the way to the customer Every step is struc tured in a sustainable way so that we are able to sell products that are environmentally com patible socially acceptable and safe to eat for a long time See page 92f Virgin wood fibre boxes As the name suggests boxes made of virgin wood fibres They have never been used are not recycled and therefore not contaminat ed with any traces of mineral oil In order to protect our products from precisely such traces we have been using virgin wood fibre cardboard for our tea boxes since 2006 Since 2011 they have been FSC certified as well See page 120 VisionsWald Vision forest An area of around 620 hectares in Costa Rica On 5 hectares of that we have had 5 000 Leb ensbaum Trees planted thus providing a home again for howler monkeys ocelots jag uars toucans and motmots In addition to this contribution to biodiversity the re emerging forest absorbs 80 000 tonnes of CO2 and cre ates local jobs in sustainable forestry The Gold Standard certificates for our CO2 offsetting fre quently come from this project Wages Regardless of sex ethnicity nationality origin skin colour religion ideology political or trade union involvement or stance disability age or sexual identity what is paid at Lebensbaum is equal pay for equal work This is firmly set down in one of our company agreements Warehouse logistics One of our apprenticeship training areas Waste recycling Is a high priority at Lebensbaum We follow the closed loop principle Wherever it is creat ed we therefore systematically separate waste so that it can be recycled We recycle paper in a regional paper factory Food waste is recycled by nearby ReFood GmbH Co KG WirFürUns Our staff magazine Workplace ergonomic Required to ensure that at Lebensbaum after our work is done we are able to go home with out a crooked back or strained eyes As many as 99 5 of the workplaces fall into this cat egory Individually adapted desk heights and the ideal distance from the computer screen in our Administration department and also the correct working height and regularly rotating workplaces workplace rotation in our pro duction facilities both help to prevent any un due one sided strain or problems with posture See page 154 Workplace rotation Means that the workers in our Production department swap their workplace at regular scheduled intervals This helps to prevent any one sided physical strain Works council A committee of employees formed around 15 years ago to represent the employees own interests It includes a group for the rep resentation of young workers and apprentices See page 151 Zero emission Carbon neutral

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