172 Each day 208 employees make sure that our products are de veloped inspected produced and shipped This statement is the truth but not the whole truth There are certain prod ucts that our equipment in Diepholz can t package Nutmeg for instance Exactly three pieces go into one packet Or cin namon sticks six slender sticks per packet Packaging whole bay leaves without breaking any that s quite a trick and it requires a gentle touch Of course there are special machines for these tasks but pur chasing one just for these few products wouldn t pay off for us as we only fill these packets a few times a year Temporary workers would be one solution for the temporary spikes in pro duction work required for this hand packaging but they would always have to be retrained in the correct ways of handling the product and performing quality control Instead we long ago decided to work with two highly specialised teams Our ex ternal workforce so to speak One organisation we work with is a branch workshop of the nonprofit Diakoniewerkstätten Neubrandenburg located in Stavenhagen Germany We have been working with them for more than ten years and since 2011 they have been hand pack aging Lebensbaum products for us New production rooms and storage facilities were set up for this purpose and the organisa tion carefully assessed whether its employees had the skills to carry out this work and if so which ones So that no one would feel overwhelmed on the one hand and the quality standards would be met on the other A hand filling team was set up Af Outsourcing Lebensbaum style Diakoniewerkstätten Neubrandenburg gGmbH offers manufacturing and services ranging from document shredding to laundry service at five loca tions in the German state of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania including the towns of Neubranden burg Stavenhagen and Dahlen More than 650 people with disabilities receive vocational training support care and a protected workplace Since 2007 Lebensbaum has been working with this nonprofit company in Stavenhagen For example Lebensbaum spices are packaged there by hand Bersenbrücker Gemeinnützige Werkstätten GmbH operates accredited workshops for people with disabilities and offers more than 500 jobs at sev eral locations It has set itself the goal of rehabil itating people with disabilities and fostering their skills enabling them to work independently on site or at other companies The workshops offer jobs in the areas of metal working woodworking gardening food service assembly and packaging There is also a section that provides support and care Employees pro duce items such as bed slats switch boxes and the Lebensbaum Advent calendar 6 Nature and people

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