173 Outsourcing Lebensbaum style ter all requirements for the handling of unpackaged foods had been met organic certification followed In the case of some products our equipment in Diepholz can handle the filling but not the subsequent pack aging that is placing certain products into specif ic types of boxes So that work has to be done by hand as well Enter the nonprofit Bersen brücker Gemeinnützige Werkstätten GmbH our partner of 15 years They put together our Advent calendars for us for instance Twenty four different individually wrapped teabags must be put into the box in a cer tain order The workshops divided up all the steps that go into the creation of the fin ished product into different stations and in dependently developed tools for each station to facilitate the tasks We do not work with either partner in order to meet our employment quota for people with severe disabilities or to reduce the countervailing charge we would otherwise be required to pay We work with them because they handle our products with a deep understanding of quality as well as great care and dedication In Germany companies with more than 20 employees and whose staff includes less than five percent employees with severe disabilities are required by law to pay a countervailing charge This is used by the official Integration Services and Employment Agencies to finance services used to integrate people with severe disabilities into the working world People

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